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03-04-2003, 04:55 PM
OK, here's a complaint, and maybe it can be addressed in a future vBuild maintenance release or the next version.

I downloaded the evaluation of vBuild to do some testing to see how it works. The first thing I decided to try is just a straight forward, full CD installation, where I am not doing any updates or anything; just take an existing installation built using Professional 7.0 and run it through vBuild to make it much smaller.

I am really impressed. Our product installation, which is 30MBs in size, was reduced down to 20MBs. We distribute our products over the internet, so this feature alone make vBuild worth the money.

Problem I have found though is that an install run through vBuild in this manner requires a large amount of temporary disk space during the installation process. Our install basically needs 75MBs of free disk space to install. But using vBuild, that figure jumps up to 225MBs. In order for vBuild to do its decompression during the install, it temporarily takes up 150MBs. I'm not sure if any of this disk usage is redundant or not, but I'd appreciate your looking into it.

During the installation process, it seems to copy and decompress its data1.vcu file into a directory under the TEMP directory (requiring 75MBs). It then appears to uncompress all the files contained within data1.vcu into a directory structure under the TEMP directory (requiring another 75MBs).

So far, I'm thoroughly impressed with vBuilds advanced data compression, but not all that crazy about the amount of free disk space it requires during the installation process.

03-05-2003, 03:57 AM

First of all, let me say I'm really impressed with the analysis of how vBuild is working and using the temporary folder during installation. Your analysis is very acurate. We are currently investigating the option to reduce this disk space for future releases. We have implemented such an optimization for online media for our service pack version which is soon to be released, and we will see how we can improve it further plus to handle the offline case.