View Full Version : Updates as a non-admin user

02-26-2003, 07:18 PM

As well as packaging patches for our binary files we were planning on using Update Service to update configuration information. Most of these settings would be stored under HKCU and Application Data - under the users documents and settings folder.

We were hoping that we would be able to updates these without requiring the User to have administrative permissions.

Currently I have got a setup so that with adding full control permissions to directories we can get the User to view the updates available as per your KB articles...

If we continue through...we get to the 'Install' button - which brings up an error saying that the user must be an administrator to apply this setting. Ok/Cancel. Ok takes you straight back to the field....however Cancel, then brings up an IE download screen - from there we can click open and it will running the linked EXE.

Given that InstallShield developer patches should have their own permission checking, wouldn't it be valid just to allow the update service to run the exe/patch - without this error message. Else is there a workaround to allow non-admin users to d/l these non-administrative patches???