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02-04-2003, 02:29 PM
If in the Redistributables section I choose MDAC 2.5, does that mean it is installed automatically on the target computer? Or is mdac_type.exe just dropped and I have to call it with the appropriate flags somehow?

I see on this page:

That I can pass some flags to mdac_type.exe and have it install in different ways. Can I pass those things as perameters to my installer created with IS? Something like below (assuming setup is an installer i created with IS)?

setup.exe \q "mdac_type.exe /q/t"

Or is this done a different way? What I'd like to do is supress the reboot using the appropriate flag. However, since the MDAC is installed automatically (I think :) )I'm not sure how to pass it flags.


02-04-2003, 06:33 PM
Including the merge module will:
- Check if MDAC 2.5 is already installed
- If not check the minimum system requriements
- If met run mdac_type.exe
- Reboot the machine if required

The command line we pass in to mdac_typ.exe is stored in a property in the msm (merge module) file. If you have ORCA (if not search this forum for a link):
1. Browse to the "Objects" folder where Express is installed
2. Open the MDAC25 msm in ORCA
3. Go to Property Table
4. Edit the value of the MDACINSTALLCMD.5D1BD... property to what you want to pass in
5. Save the msm and close
6. Rebuild your project

Currently we pass in the following command line:

/q /C:"setup.exe /qn1"