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01-30-2003, 11:46 AM
Hi, everyone! I am a total newbie to creating Installations with IS and i'm not a programmer, rather i'm a web developer. So I downloaded Express 4.0 eval and have been trying to create a multi-application installation, with not a lot of luck - any help or advice would be great!

Basically, I have 8 programs that need to be installed sequentially. I have 7 folders which contain all the install info and the setup.exe or install.exe files plus all related files. The last one is in the top level of the folder and is just a setup.exe file. The idea is to end up with a CD with an auto-starting setup file that will sequentially automatically install all these programs. If anyone out there can help me or walk me through this, I would be eternally grateful and possibly be able to return the favor if I possibly can. I can be reached on AOL IM at WmasterMattDC. My boss is really riding my *** on this so if you can help me out that would be great! :confused: Thanks!



OK, so I guess I need to be a bit more specific. When I add each program to the "Files and Features", should I add each program as a separate feature or do one feature called something like "CD" and have them all be sub-features? Also, I am not really sure I understand the concept of "dependencies." And what's the deal with the "Files" area? Is this where I put the executable .exe install files for each separate program? What if 2 or more programs have an install file called "Setup.exe?" It won't let me add them. PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER SOME OF THESE QUESTIONS. I really appreciate it. I think I just need some basic help, not a hand-holding...THANKS!;)