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01-24-2003, 10:13 AM
OK Let's Try it once again:

Dear All,

I have a large number of COM components (ActiveX and DLL) which have complex references and dependencies. I believe this to be at least the 3rd time this question has been raised, so please bear with me for raising it again. I would really like to break down my VB components into separate merge modules to make things easier to maintain and also to conform with the best practices. Obviously, as stated before, it is a real hassle to go through and manually create these merge modules, especially when there is the VB Project Wizard available. Why, oh why, isn't this tool available in the MSM build window? Can I work around this?

Any hints, tips, solutions?

Very best regards,

Matt McNeill
LogicaCMG Space Division

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InstallShield Community > InstallShield Products > InstallShield for Windows Installer > InstallShield.iswi.general > VB Wizard & Merge Modules

Can the VB Project Wizard be used to create merge modules? I've got 10+ separate VB projects that are all ActiveX components.. I'd of course like to make each one a merge module, but I can't see how the I can use the Wizard to accomplish this. The Wizard always makes an MSI package. I've gone through building several by hand, which works but takes forever.. Am I missing something?

Chris Walker
Arachnid, Inc.

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InstallShield Community > InstallShield Products > InstallShield for Windows Installer > InstallShield.iswi.general > MSM creation : Can't import VB project output?

Hi everyone

If I create a blank merge module, why is the Import Visual Basic Project function deactivated? It only works when I'm creating a MSI. However, according to the good practices, I'd rather have one DLL per merge module and then bring all the merge modules in the MSI. And the visual basic component should go in the merge module, right?

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Frederic Gagne
QA Engineer
ESI Software Inc.

01-24-2003, 05:08 PM
I assume you are using InstallShield Developer? If so which version? I'm not quite sure why we don't have the VB Scanner available in a merge module project. There is however a workaround you could try.

1. Create a new merge module project and save it.
2. Now create a new Basic Msi project.
3. Do a VBScan of one your apps you want to make a merge module of
4. Go to the components View
5. Export each component to the merge module project you created earlier
6. Now open the merge module project and build and see if you get any warnings or errors. If you don't get any, try testing with it.

01-25-2003, 06:29 AM
Thanks for the tip. I hadn't picked up on the 'Export into...' option on the context menu for the Component. I am sure that I can use that for the time being.

FYI, I am using Installshield Developer 8 and I was also surprised to see the 'Visual Basic 6.0 Wizard...' option greyed out in the Project menu. Also the Additional Tools option only contains the 'Direct Editor' but the 'Dependency Scanners' option does not seem to be available. (This is after I had chosen the New -> Merge Module Template...)

Your help is much appreciated.


Matt McNeill
LogicaCMG (Space Systems)