View Full Version : Help Anyone? Should this be easy??

01-22-2003, 03:07 PM
I have InstallShield Express 3.5. I have a Microsoft Access application that I want to change the icon for. I can go into the app (in Access), go to Tools - Startup, and specify where the icon I want is, and this works fine for the moment.

Then I made an Installshield project which includes shortcuts on both the Start button and on the desktop, and those icons work fine (both shortcuts have the non-Access icon upon doing the actual Installshield Install). Also, the icon on the Add/Remove progrmas shows up properly as the non-Access icon.

However, I cannot figure out how to get my (installed) Access App to have the non-Access icon, because this is an attribute you set inside of the Access file (as described above).

Any ideas?

01-22-2003, 05:48 PM
First of all this newsgroup is dedicated to Express 4.0 only (because of newer technology). For any future issues with Express 3.x please post in the following newsgroup/forum:


As for this issue you want your setup to be able to do this? If so there is not built-in way of doing this. However if making this change actually changes something in the registry or an ini file you can get the setup to make this change. Launch Access, go tools and set the icon (as you mentioned in first paragraph) to a file that has a unique file name. Once you verify your App has the icon you want, search the registry for the name of the icon file you pointed at. If you find something that looks like it might be controlling this icon, change it's value to another valid icon (in the registry) and see if it actually changes your Apps icon.