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01-19-2003, 04:32 AM
Hi experts

In my installation I need a custom action during uninstalling.

In the panel add/remove software of windows XP, the installed package is listed with two buttons (repair and delete). If I press the delete button for uninstalling, the Installshield uninstall process is not performed, meaning that my custom action is not perfomed. Only the msi uninstall engine removes the application.
To be able to perform the custom action, I need to press the repair button and then select uninstall in the InstallShield panel.

Let's assume this behaviour of uninstalling is correct.

To make shure, that my custom action is executed, I have seen, that in the ISX general section, I have the possibility to hide the delete button. This is working correctly. Then in the add/remove software panel, only the repair button remains.

Is there any way to rename the button to "repair/remove"?
I have seen many programms (for ex. PatitionMagic, created with InstallShield) which are displaying only one button called "repair/remove".

Thanks in advance

01-20-2003, 05:02 PM
To make sure a custom action is launched during the uninstall, sequence it "Before System Changes". This will put the custom action in the uninstall sequence itself, instead of tying it to a dialog. So it will run no-matter which button you press. When you press "Remove" in Add/Remove Programs msi by-passes all dialogs so the actions associated with them are not launched either.

As for the Partition Magic example it's quite possible that they are using something like InstallShield Professional (which doesn't use the Windows Installer) to build their setup.