View Full Version : Help needed - Specifiying Target Drive

01-17-2003, 01:03 PM
Ok, I was creating setup projects with Express 4.0 with no problems, then all of the sudden I'm getting all sorts of weird fatal errors, and nothing has really changed with the projects or with InstallShield setup.

The most annoying is "ISEXP : fatal error -1009: Insufficient disk space or the target drive cannot be located. Free space available: Disk space required: "

I know that's bull because there's PLENTY of space on all of my hard drives. Now since there are no disk space amounts given, I can only assume that it's looking for a folder that isn't there. That's possible because I did delete some of the build-created folders somewhere, but can I at least find out what folders it's looking for? I've tried re-building my setup project, creating a new project, and re-installing InstallShield and nothing has worked. Any ideas? How can I make sure I specify an existing target folder for my setup? Thanks.

Mike Marino
01-17-2003, 05:47 PM
By using the Express' command line build tool we will be able to get extended logging information that should shed some light on this problem.

Try the following.

1. Open a command prompt
2. Enter the following

"C:\Program Files\InstallShield\Express\System\IsExpCmdBld.exe"
-p "Complete Path to your .ISE File" -r CD_ROM -v

Here is what the command line options mean:
-p <Project Name>
-r <Release Name>
-v Use verbose logging.

Then, go to the folder "..Your Project Name\Express\CD_ROM\LogFiles" and open the log file the command line build created. Post the results here and we should get a better idea of what is causing this build error.