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01-17-2003, 09:37 AM

I am trying to use Update Service for project which I am updating. I have big problem regarding that. That is I am upgrading "project v. 1.7.0" to "project v.1.7.1". I have problem that says that the older version is not registered. The project has version number 1.7.0 in IS project, and I registered it with the same version in UpdateService web. But when I try to check for update, i get error that says the version is not registered and the version is 1.7. But if I change the version number to 1.7 in the UpdateService web, then it works fine but is always listed as new update for the project, all versions.

Chris Woerner
01-17-2003, 12:11 PM
Ok, so let take this one step at a time (just so I can understand).

You have a product with two versions (1.7.0 and 1.7.1). When you install the first version and check for updates, you are getting a version not registered message. OK. Lets solve that problem first.

From your posting, it sounds like the install registered the version "1.7" instead of "1.7.0". To verify this, open the Test Utility installed with the Update Service SDK on a machine with your product installed.

You should see a view with your product. Open the tree control for your product. What does the "version" field list? (you can ignore the installer version). What ever the version field shows is what is being passed to the Notification server. My guess is that it will say "1.7" (not 1.7.0 like you want)

That version field is set during the installation. Because you want to use the full version string, you need to set that value in script. Go to the OnMoveDate event. You will see code like this. You should set the second parameter to "1.7.0".

// TODO: If you want to register the product version specify something
// other than "" for the second parameter.
UpdateServiceRegisterProduct( "", "", TRUE, 30 );

01-20-2003, 05:03 AM
Thats true, the version filed in the Test Utility displays 1.7, Where can I find this OnMoveDate Event? I am using ISD 8 and this is a Basic MSI Project.

(We have two projects which we registered as 1.*.0, and both of them is listed as 1.* in the Versin Filed in test Utility, is there some bug with the Update Service, because if we have it as 1.*.0 then our project don't find anything, but if we cahnge it again to 1.* then all seems to be fine. In both cases I copied the version number from our projects to be sure that it would be the same. )

Chris Woerner
01-20-2003, 10:37 AM
For some reason I got in my head that you were using Professional 7 - sorry about that. In Developer 8, you can set the version string in the Update Service property sheet.

Go to the Media View > Update Service property sheet.

Take a look at the "Use Default Product Version" property. You should use that field to set the value of "1.7.0"


Based on your description, I don't think this is a bug - but please tell me if you disagree..... By default, the Update Service only takes the "major.minor" portion of the standard version string "major.minor.build" and ignores the "build". This is the Microsoft standard we are following. According to this standard, the "build" changes everyday. This is why you see 1.* getting registered on the Update Service Publisher website instead of your full version string.

In your case, you DO want to use the build as part of your version string. As such, we have provided this field in the property sheet so you can override our default behavior. You can enter the version that you want the Update Service to register and use.