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01-17-2003, 09:03 AM

Can Express prompt the user for a name for the virtual root that is being created? What I want is something that is similar to the prompt for the folder into which the files are to be installed.

So, if my application is called ROBAPP, this may be the default web name; however, the user may have need for a different name and thus I'd like express to allow the user to specify that the web name is TESTROBAPP instead.

Can this be done? If not, can I request that this be added as an enhancement?


01-17-2003, 12:13 PM
Interesting idea. Unfortunately Express doesn't support this. As a workaround try the following and let me know if it works:

1. Create a new project and some files.
2. Create a new Virtual Root and name it EXPRESSTEST (in all capital letters).
3. Add the following VBScript as a Custom Action anywhere before "Ready to Install" dialog

Session.property("EXPRESSTEST") = "Test Robo App"

4. Build and install

After the install is complete, is the Virtual Root named "Test Robo App"?

If so you could use the following VBScript for the user to give a name:

Dim Input
Input = InputBox("Please enter a root name:", "Virtual Root name","RobApp")
Session.property("EXPRESSTEST") = Input

Let me know if this works and I will put in a feature request for it.