View Full Version : Setup Error 2602: File, ( .Net file name)

01-16-2003, 11:56 AM
Developing with Visual Basic .Net;
Using Installshield Express 3.4;

I'm trying to include some .Net Interoperability assembly in my Installshield build, let's call it 'MyInterop.dll'.

The following errors occur:

-While building:
** Fatal Error: -5037: Internal build error

-While testing the Setup:
Error 2602: File, MyInterop.dll

The error is not documented, nore in the online guide, nore in the Knowledge base.

Did anyone ever find this error?
Can you help me avoiding it?

Thanx for response,

01-17-2003, 09:28 AM
the following steps seem to bypass the problem:

1) import the assembly (MyInterop) as a simple file and not as a .Net project

2) from the 'Files' view,
right-click the MyInterop.dll file
click 'Properties'
set '.Net properties/Build ad Scan' to the value: 'None'

By all,