View Full Version : Make my install to upgrade an existing install

01-13-2003, 11:56 AM

I made an install that work fine. It install the product with all it needs.

But now I want to made the v1.1, but when I run then install, an error message tell me I must uninstall before.

It's not acceptable (because the components can't be offline, so they can't be uninstalled, new components will be installed WITH the new ones). I need to install over the v1.0.

How can I do this ?

Thanks !

01-13-2003, 02:59 PM

What type of an upgrade are you trying to create with Express 4?
Express 4.0 supports patching and Major Upgrade techniques to send an upgrade.

A patch overwrites files and registry keys of the existing application without uninstalling the old product. To send a patch, you must use the Quick Patch Wizard which is under the Tools Menu in the Express 4.0 IDE.

A Major Upgrade uninstalls the existing setup and installs the new one. To create a Major Upgrade, you must use the 'Upgrade Paths' view in your Express 4.0 Project.

For more information on the above, you may refer to Express 4.0 online help library.