View Full Version : Error after installing ISE 4

01-06-2003, 06:04 AM
I've got two versions of Windows XP on my PC:
Windows XP (old config)
Windows XP SP1 (new config)

On the old config ISE 4 works fine, not trouble's. (This is where i installed ISE 4 originally).

Because there are other problems with my old config i installed a second version of XP (SP1) on the same partition (new config) and as soon as everything works i'll kill the Old config.

I installed everything regarding to ISE 4 again on the new config, everything goes fine.

When installation has finished I start ISE 4 and I received an error message:
Dutch: DLL-bestand is niet geregistreerd
US: DLL-File is not registered
When I push the OK button I get a second error message:
Dutch: Kan geen leeg document maken
US: Cannot create an empty document

I removed ISE 4 and installed it again but it just won't work (it still works on my old XP config...)

I searched in the help file and on the web site but i couldn't find anything regarding this message.