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12-23-2002, 06:28 AM
We have a problem with the update service requiring internet connection.
Our installation scenario will be as follows.

1. The workstations on which the appln will be installed cannot be connected to the internet due to security reasons. However they need to be updated, as soon as a new version of the software is available at our web site. (eg www.mysite/update.asp)

2. However one machine in the entire domain may be connected to the internet.

3. How do we use the update service in such a scenario, to update all the workstations that are not connected to the net.

Chris Woerner
12-23-2002, 10:37 AM
Your scenario is difficult. You are trying to balance two issues - lack of internet connectivity for security reasons and a desire to use the internet to update your software.

Here is an idea that may work for you.....

1. I assume the one machine in the domain that can access the internet is some kind of server to the clients. You could use the Update Service on that machine to bring down and run an update when it is available.

2. The update could update the server and place the client update in a location for the clients to find.

3. You could write code into the clients to look for an update at the designated location. If found, the clients would run the update.

The Update Service would be used to download and run the update from the machine with connectivity. But the machines without connectivity would need custom code to look for an update at a local location.

12-23-2002, 01:04 PM
This is what I'm considering as well, although not for security reasons... most of our clients just have very poor Internet connectivity, usually a dial-up on just one workstation on their network.

Unless InstallShield comes up with a better solution (like a cheap, local install of the Update Service), our only choice is to put an extra copy of the update on the "server" and watch for it to be there.

Any chance InstallShield could modify the Update Service to let us specify a directory where the updates are located, and have it scan some type of file there looking for available updates?

Chris Woerner
12-23-2002, 02:36 PM
This is a feature we are considering for next year. We call it a 2-Tiered distribution. One machines connects to the internet to get the update. All other machines connect to that machine to check for updates. We would be making the client software configurable to look for a local update instead of an update on the Internet.

For the short term, would have to build the logic to have the clients check a local location. The Update Service will only do the part of bringing the update down to your server.

BTW- we are also going to be expanding our APIs to allow programmatic control to download a file to a configurable directory. That will help the server download the update for the clients to view it.