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12-18-2002, 10:35 PM
We want to deploy hot fixes using the Update Service and use conditions to determine whether or not to display them as available to the client. We have decided to go the route of checking for the existance of a file.

I am having a problem using that condition.

I tried just the Search for a File and I also tried <INSTALLDIR>\Web\HotFixes but both I assume returned true because I saw the hot fix listed in Update even when I renamed that file or deleted it.

What am I doing wrong?

Also, is there any way to only show an update if a particular Component is installed? For example, we have a web and a application and a repotr component and a hot fix will only be for one of those components but each of those components could be installed on a difference server. I would like to be able to only show the app hot fixes on the app server (where the app component is installed)

Thanks in advance.


Chris Woerner
12-19-2002, 12:14 PM
Conditions should be able to solve your problems....

Lets look at the file question first. Let me explain what the ISUS does. If you specify to write a condition based on a "file installed by the product", we use the file name you give us and search the install log (not the file system - that would take too long). If you asked to check a specific file date, we read the install location and go to the file and read the date. We take what we read and compare that value to what you entered in the Publisher website. If you just asked us to check that a file exists, I think we may just check the installation log. I will verify that. You shouldn't specify the [installdir] or [targetdir]. We can read the log to find the install location.

If your HotFix doesn't increment the version number of your application, you will also need a condition to avoid showing the message after the HotFix has been applied. The "patch has not been applied" coniditon work well for that if you are using MSP technology. Else, I suggesting using a file date condition.

Can you use the registry conditions to only show the report HotFix where the report HotFix is installed? When you install that component do you write any registry keys? If so, you may be able to know that reporting is installed by the existance of a registry key (or value).

Feel free to email me directly with more questions (chrisw@installshield.com).