View Full Version : BDE Merge don't recognize BCB6Pro

12-14-2002, 10:48 AM
I have uninstalled BDE Merge module and now reinstall it but it don't recognize now my BCB6 Pro, I use WindowsXP. My BCB6 is registered.
I have uninstalled BCB6 and reinstalled and re-registered it but it is the same thing, I have download the BDEMN52PRO.exe file from the borland ftp to look is it could be installed but always the same error :
Setup could not detect a valmid version of Delphi or C++Builder....
Hope you help me!!!!
I don't know now what to do.
I thank you in advance

01-06-2003, 03:17 PM
Since you are using C++ Builder 6, it most probably already has a BDE merge module.

1. Do a search on your machine for BDE*.msm (should find one in the "Borland" folder.
2. Verify that there is an exe file in the same directory
3. Launch Express
4. On the main menu go to Tools->Options->File Locations->Merge Module Locations
5. Press Browse and borwse to the location of the BDE msm file
6. Close the dialog
7. Create a new project and go to Redistributables View

Now, when you select the BDE module does it launch the BDE Wizard?