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12-05-2002, 02:59 AM

1. You can get only reports for up to yesterday. At which time are the statistics refreshed? And why do you do this?

2. It would be appreciated if we could automate the process of retrieving the product/version usercounts. So we can do daily retrieval of user-counts per version. We want to accumulate the data into a database and create a webpage with the results for our distributors. An option would be an automated email to a specified address with the data attached. But of course it would be best if we could do an immediate query with PHP to the Installshield Server.

Chris Woerner
12-09-2002, 08:35 PM
I understand your desire to track the reporting data. Here at InstallShield, we track the monthly data in Excel. Trending that data has given us a very powerful view into usage levels of different products. It also allows us to create a ratio of support calls/ active users.

The report logs track daily usage as measured by CST in Chicago. Each day at midnight, the logs are copied and refreshed. The copy is fed into a reporting stream that creates the summary data availabe to you in reporting.

We have considered creating a webservice interface into the reporting data, so you could automate the retrieval of your reporting data. It is your data, and we certainly want to make it available for you.