View Full Version : Comparison of Express 4 and other products

12-02-2002, 03:49 PM
When would it be necessary for a customer to use either Professional 7 or Developer 8 instead of Express 4? In other words, what do the other InstallShield products do that Express 4 cannot do?

And, does Express 4 use Windows Installer technology like Developer, or is it more similar to Professional instead?

Thanks for your feedback.

12-02-2002, 06:49 PM
Express uses the Windows Installer technology. It's considered to be the Lite version of InstallShield Developer. Some of the key things that Developer has that Express does not are:

1. Standard project - allows you to have an msi setup with an installscript driven UI
2. Source Code Control
3. Automation Interface - programmatically create your project
4. Dialog Editor
5. MSI Debugger
6. Much more Custom Action types
7. Transform editor
8. Direct MSI support - allows you to open an msi or msm file in Developer and edit it using views similar to those in Express. So basically you don't need to build after making the setup.
9. Skins support (different themese to dialogs)
10. Ability to create merge modules
11. Exposes the msi component level to give you complete control of what the installer does
12. Full path variable support
13. Ability to create templates
14. Multi-lingual support - ability to create one setup that can use any number of languages depending on what the end-user prefers
15. Quite a lot more. What's given above is just off the top of my head.