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11-19-2002, 05:51 PM
Welcome to the community forum for InstallShield Express 4, which has recently been released! This forum has been created to assist in distinguishing comments that are specific to version 4. Please use this forum for Express 4 discussions, and the previously existing Express 3 forum for items pertaining to that version.

Express 4 contains many new features to increase ease-of-use and productivity when creating Windows Installer setups:

· QuickPatch(tm) - Use a new project type to create simple and reliable patches that update files and registry entries. Validation on the patch is run automatically.

· Visual Studio .NET Integration - Run Express completely inside the Visual Studio .NET shell, or use the traditional Express IDE.

· Conditional Features - Conditionally install product features based on the existence of operating systems, files, folders, registry entries, or INI file entries.

· Conditional Custom Actions - Conditionally run custom actions based on the existence of operating systems, features, files, folders, registry entries, or INI file entries.

· System Search Wizard - Quickly identify the specific files, folders, registry entries, or INI file entries that are required on a target system for the installation to run. These conditions can also be applied to individual features or to custom actions.

· Web Services - Create and configure IIS virtual directories in a dedicated view. The IIS root folder can be displayed in the Files view as a target for installation files.

· Source Path Variables - Use one of many system variables to define the root location of source files, making the project portable from one drive to another or from one machine to another.

· 3 Additional Languages - Select Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, or one of 14 previously available languages for the end-user runtime dialogs.

· View All Registry Entries - Optionally view and edit all registry entries at once, rather than on a feature-by-feature basis.

· DemoShield CD Browser - Use a wizard to create a basic CD browser for installation CDs.

· New Merge Modules - Include Jet 4 SP6 or MDAC 2.6 SP2 to a project, as well as over 70 other technology modules.

· Launch EXE on Target System - Run an EXE already present on the target system as a custom action.

Additional Information
Additional information regarding Express 4 and a full-featured evaluation are available at http://www.installshield.com/isx