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Suresh Babu
11-07-2002, 07:17 AM
:) Hai

We are using your Install Shield Express 3.x pack , it is very comfortable for us , we have faced problem with regional language. We are basically software developers for the regional language, so we need our setup dialog's to be run in the regional languages as and when the language selected by the user. So we need cusotmized dialog to add our own languages in it. We have gone through you support forums , you have given suggestion to go with the string table and also to create a separate setup for each language. We have a problem here as because our setup file size exceeds to nearly (83MB), so we cannot create a separate setup for each language , the file size of the setup will be increased.

Language Bar

It is given only for the specified language , we need customized language , that which supports all the regional languages Example (Tamil, Hindi and other languages).

So pls provide us the solution to overcome this problem.

Thanks in regards,

Suresh Babu.

11-13-2002, 02:47 PM
InstallShield Express does not have this support. I suggest you try the evaluation version of InstallShield Developer to see if it suits your needs. With Developer you can have just one setup, and then select all the languages you want this setup to support. So when you run the setup, a dialog pops up with a combo box asking the user which language he/she wants to use.