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11-05-2002, 03:48 PM
I have a product v1.00.0000 and created a patch that would only add a few files to the Product. After applying the patch, the version remains v1.00.000. (I know the ISUS only uses the major and minor) Using the update service to do this, even after the update is run, since the version number is still the same, if the user checks for updates again, that update is still available. What is the best way to figure out if a user has already downloaded the update? Due to the way our product is set up, we cannot change the minor version number to stop this from happening. Are there any other ways? Thanks in advance.

- Domenick Lacertosa

Chris Woerner
11-05-2002, 04:22 PM
There are two ways to solve this problem.

1. In your new project (say v1.00.001), you override the default version behavior and tell the Update Service to use the full version scheme. If you are using Developer, you should set the "custom version" property in the new version of your product to be "1.00.001". When the patch is applied, the Update Service will see the version as "1.00.001".

If you are using a Dev7 standard project, you will also need to look at our knowledge base article: Q106788 to workaround a Developer 7 bug.

2. You can add a condition to the update message to only show the update if the patch has not been applied. Edit the update message. One of the steps will allow you to add a condition to the update. If the condition is true, the update is shown. If the condition is false, the update is not shown.

So, set a condition as "patch has not been applied". You will just need to get the patch GUID to set the condition.

Either will work. If you have already created the patch, you will probably favor option #2 as you don't need to rebuild the patch.