View Full Version : How to incorporate Update Service in my ISDEV 7 application.

09-26-2002, 02:24 PM
Hope someone can help me with this!

I'm very new with the whole Installshield application but I have ISDEV 7 and I'm trying to set up the Update Service to download the new file, if any, when the user launh the application. I had read the online help on how to set things up but I kept getting error "Product not register...".

Does anyone have any document show step-by-step on how to set this up? Greatly appreciated!!!


Chris Woerner
09-26-2002, 03:44 PM
We have a recorded webinar that goes through the entire process step by step.


Let me know if you find this helpful.

09-27-2002, 09:13 AM
Thank you for the information about the webinar.

However, when I tried to create the set up, I ran into problem with registering the Product Code. My ISDEV 7 environment is looks different than the one shown on the tutorial. So my question to you is how do I register the Product Code? How do I create a .reg file like you have the "salesview.reg" file?

Thanks for the help.

Chris Woerner
09-27-2002, 10:15 AM
If you don't see the Update Service node in the IDE of Developer that probably means that you have an older version of Developer. But no worries. You can manually register your product code by logging into the Update Service website directly. Once there, you will need to "add a product" and "add a version". That will register your product and version with the Update Service Notification server.

In terms of using a a reg file..... You don't need to do that. Your application can be coded to call the Update Service directly with your product code.

Why did I use a reg file in the webinar? For demo purposes, I use the same application over and over. That application cannot be coded to call the ISUS with a single product code, because each time I do a webinar I create a new setup project and hence a new product code. So I coded my application to read the registry file to get the product code instead of just hard coding the value of the product code.

09-27-2002, 10:32 AM
Hello Chris,

Please ignore my previous reply. I actually got my set up to work with the Update Service. Thanks a lot to you.

I do have several questions to ask you though.

1.) How do I set up my application so that when the user launch the application, the system will check for any new updates. I saw some reference in the tutorial at the beginning of the session but don't know how to call it.

2.) Regarding update new version of the application, how do I create a patch based on the following senario:

Let say I create a setup.exe to deploy a testApp version 1.0. The user runs the setup and installs testApp on the PC. When I have a new version (1.1) of testApp that needs to be deployed, I create a patch file and register the new version on the Update Service website and make it available to the users for download. A week from now, I have another new version (1.2) to be released to the user. Let assume the user has not download testApp v1.1, yet and here I already have version 1.2. Here is the question. When I create the patch, which Release number should I be referencing in the FileName property so that when the user, who has not update version 1.1, can just download the latest version which is v1.2.

I had tried to include different previous versions and set appropriate file name for each version and point the file name of newer window installer to the newest file. I registered the new version (1.2) and downloaded the update file succesfully. However, when I ran my application, it's supposed to have version 1.2 but it still has version 1.0.

Can you help me?

Again, thank you very much!


Chris Woerner
10-03-2002, 06:40 PM
Q: How do I set up my application so that when the user launch the application, the system will check for any new updates. I saw some reference in the tutorial at the beginning of the session but don't know how to call it.

A: You need to make a call from your application to the Update Service runtime. You can make an EXE call or call the Update Service using COM. You can find details and code samples in the Update Service help.

In answer to your question on patching, is the problem with the version number not getting updated or the files not getting updated?

- did you files get updated?
- did the version number get updated?