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09-19-2002, 04:49 AM

We make a program for different kind of windows platforms from Windows 95B. We like to launch the program after ISX is completed.

The problem is when ISX is needing a reboot to complete it's task (replacing some necessary dll's) the next thing is happening:

The user is seeing a screen with restart yes/no? AND a screen finish ISX and a checked checkbox 'launch program'. When the user chooses to restart the machine restarts and that was all. When the user choose finish, the progam is launched and immediatly crashing with an error.

I tried different approaches to solve this (why should I solve this we bought ISX to handle our installations in a correct way).
- Using a force reboot is rebooting the machine but when ISX finished (Setup complete dialog) there aren't any checkboxes.
- Implementing the progam launching as a custoim action didn't solve the problem.

I just like an install that's install my program, reboot when necessary, finish ISX and launch my program. Why is this such a big problem to solve with ISX?

Can someone give me the final solution, or is it better to look for another installation program?

Any help would be greatly appriciated,

Bram van Empelen
MicroStar B.V.