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09-17-2002, 05:31 PM
You are invited to participate in the Beta program for vBuild™ for InstallShield Professional™.

vBuild for InstallShield Professional is a new product jointly developed by Red Bend Software and InstallShield. vBuild is a unique solution, integrating Red Bend's advanced software update creation technology with InstallShield Professional 7.0’s installation authoring environment.

Important Note: To participate in the vBuild beta program, you need to have InstallShield Professional 7.0 installed. If you do not yet have this version, you can download and install the Professional 7.0 Evaluation version to test out the beta.

Red Bend provides solutions for Software Developers that enable simple and efficient deployment of software updates over any electronic channel. Red Bend’s cutting edge technology allows software providers and organizations to save up to 97% of the space and bandwidth required by standard software distribution methods, while maintaining 100% accuracy, lowering distribution and management costs.

Red Bend’s vBuild for InstallShield is the most cost-effective and powerful integrated solution for content-aware byte-level update creation and deployment.

vBuild automatically transforms installation packages created with InstallShield Professional 7.0 into upgrade installations for previous versions, reducing the update size by 30%-90% over any other update tool.

vBuild will also reduce your full version setups, using compression that is more powerful than ZIP (by about 40%) or CAB (by about 25%).

Using vBuild, there is no need to create a separate update setup for each previous version as is necessary with the Update Authoring option of the InstallShield Professional 7.0. vBuild transforms your new version setup into a single universal Online Update media, that automatically and reliably updates any installed version, or provides a complete version for new users, downloading exactly what is needed for each end-user configuration.

vBuild is seamlessly integrated with InstallShield. It transforms ready-to-install media into smaller vBuild packages with all your installation logic intact. VBuild’s Update Creation Wizard guides you through a number of easy steps to create updates from any previous version. A user-friendly GUI provides visual management of all supported versions and automated work processes.

Beta Webinar

On September 19th, 2002 at 3 PM Central we will conduct a vBuild Webinar for Beta users. The Webinar will walk you through the 3 steps of vBuild and provide answers to all your questions. You are encouraged to join in by registering on our website:


Beta Preview Lab

We also invite you to participate in the on-site beta preview lab that will take place at the InstallShield headquarters in Schaumburg, IL in the beginning of October 2002. An invitation with specific dates and times will follow. This will give you an opportunity to bring your projects in and receive expert assistance in crafting your update.

Registration and More Information:

For more information on our Beta program please visit http://www.installshield.com/beta/redbend/1.0/

For more information on Red Bend and vBuild, visit www.redbend.com or contact beta@redbend.com.

We hope you will take this opportunity to test this exciting new product.

Red Bend Software
InstallShield Software Corporation