View Full Version : A recurring problem and a question

08-05-2002, 09:32 PM
The problem: It turns out that the "sticky icon" problem only partially went away. My CD deployment works great -- the new shortcut icon shows up both on the desktop and in the Program Files area on the target machine. However, in the web based version I get the new icon on the desktop, BUT the old icon remains on the Program Files shortcut!!!

On the target machine when the program is uninstalled there is no Windows/Installer/{...........} folder. After installation the folder appears and inside are two shortcut files:


The icon associated with both is the new icon. Again, I'm baffled as to where the program is getting the old icon. I've completey removed it from the computer, and I've repeatedly re-run the Web Deployment Wizard. The old icon just seems to hang in there. :confused:

The question: I tried the One Click option for web deployement, but after starting the install on the target machine an error message popped saying something about a problem with Active X on that machine. So I ran the wizard without the One Click option and that worked. However, I noticed that the One Click installation file was about 2.5 MB whereas the other was over 5MB. I would certainly prefer the One Click option if there is some way to get the target machine to accept it. Any suggestions?

08-13-2002, 09:38 AM
Could you send me the two ism files you are using? I will implement what I think is the fix and send it back to you. All you have to do is then build, install and let me know whether the icon problem get's fixed. You can email me the project to chandimar@installshield.com.

As for the One Click Install problem the message you are seeing is probably in Internet Explorer because your setup is not digitally signed. By default Internet Explorer's security settings are set to NOT download and install unsigned Active X files (OCI is an ActiveX file). The other WebDeployment media should be the same size. Check again to see if in this you are downloaing the msi engines or whether you are streaming them in to Setup.exe.

08-13-2002, 12:55 PM

The icon problem seems to have fixed itself -- how I don't know.

I did set it up to download the MSI files if required, and that reduced the size of the web based files. However, I had to finalize the Web deployment version, so I haven't been able to explore the digital signature yet. I may have more questions once I get back to it.