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  1. What is better, IsConnected(), or IsConnectedEx()?
  2. Messages - do they nag continuously?
  3. Continued Firewall conflicts
  4. Help file for Update Service SDK 4.1
  5. Report View Refresh and Time Zone
  6. Client Events Not Firing
  7. Update Manager is reporting updates, but there aren't any!
  8. Is it possible to issue updates for existing products??
  9. User Authentication without dialog
  10. Is there any decent doc/samples for gathering machine profile info??
  11. Exact purpose of Update Manager
  12. Default Profile Data - OS
  13. support multi language
  14. Online user registration and update service?
  15. Logo area of ISUS
  16. Collecting default info...
  17. Machine Profile Data
  18. Once download started....
  19. 404 Error on SOME update targets
  20. Changing the order of categories on the web interface
  21. Can I specify message order within a category?
  22. Publishing a message in English for the WW audience
  23. Simpler way of publishing promotional messages
  24. Disable automatic updates during installation
  25. Browser security settings prevent the proper operation of the Update Service
  26. Patch uninstall leaving incorrect version
  27. Universal Agent API- Error : Input length not multiple of 8 bytes
  28. After Update Service Setup: Tomcat Won't Start Properly
  29. Globetrotter Software???
  30. Inactive updates are NOT inactive
  31. Registry Conditions Not Functioning if More then 2 Exist
  32. DWUpdateServiceLib.IAgentEx4 failed
  33. upload my user-defined file to sever
  34. You think IS would get it right...
  35. When does ISUS 4.5 come out?
  36. Will the registry conditions accept REG_BINARY values?
  37. Download Target Directory
  38. Turn Off Automatic Update Checking Through Code
  39. How do I delete HTML files from messages?
  40. Install resumes on login as different user
  41. Error !!! Please Help!!
  42. What am I missing?
  43. Why is this happening?? Please help!!
  44. Don't show an update if it is already INSTALLED
  45. Custom (Dictionary) Object/Collection in 4.5...
  46. How is Update Manager supposed to work?
  47. enable/disable update service during installation
  48. Problem when Restricted User
  49. IProfileList
  50. How do UpdateProperty's line up to the Web Interface?
  51. Need more Update Properties
  52. Inactive to Active did not work...
  53. Visual cue of something being downloaded
  54. How to check for updates?
  55. Profile info by version
  56. Impossible to release with these errors
  57. Ability to CLONE an UPDATE
  58. ISUS Updates cause Installer Reboots
  59. Post Install Format terrible!
  60. What is the refresh from changing Active to Inactive
  61. Updates to not know what's already installed!!!
  62. Sort Versions by Version Number please
  63. Customers Seeing Updates in Test Mode!!!
  64. Invoking Update Manager from within a Borland Delphi Application
  65. When is IS 10.5 going to be fixed to integrate ISUS?
  66. Anyone else seeing Messages pick up as Updates?
  67. Suggestion: TEXT only Messages
  68. HTTPS and Security Alert popup
  69. 2.2 SDK Still Available?
  70. Answer to reinstall on new user login with Update Service
  71. Agent Events not being raised
  72. Product Registered Twice with UpdateService
  73. Preventing distribution of Update Manager
  74. documentation for the GetOS() VBScript function
  75. Unreadable Program Updates screens
  76. Running UpdateService from a service
  77. How long shoudl it take before a new message is published?
  78. UAB vs. Update Service
  79. Upd: 2005-05-31 >> Scheduled System Maintenance
  80. How do I get rid of this?
  81. Multiple Update Service's on development pc
  82. Unable to change enddate of Update and Messages
  83. Update Service does not work at all
  84. Product not listed in Update Manager
  85. More latency problems
  86. I am at the end of my patience
  87. .web file
  88. Update Service/Manager Language
  89. Agent COM interface
  90. Collect default info gone in IS 11?
  91. Zone Alarm Pro conflict fixed yet?
  92. Update service with installshield 10.5
  93. Update Error 13004 on 64 Bit OS.
  94. Hide update after I install
  95. IsConnected() returned incorrect results
  96. Agent.exe Error
  97. Update Service 4.5 is released...
  98. Problems with 4.5?
  99. Update Service Web Service URL?
  100. Error "Invalid URL, Please enter a valid URL." when editing an update-message
  101. Creating an agent tries to run my installation file again
  102. Agent not working from a .Net Web Application
  103. Can't register a new version from IS 11!
  104. SECOND REQUEST: Update Service Web Service URL?
  105. Windows Callout APIs - Update plugins
  106. Error 13001, but everything looks right.
  107. Product Not Registered after 4.5 release
  108. Update Service v3.1 Script Error
  109. Online docs
  110. Product Not Registered, even in Publisher "Test Update"
  111. Unique User gauge
  112. Customizing the Update Manager UI
  113. Silent updates fail to install!
  114. COM event handling in C++
  115. "Major Uprade" problems with Update Service Merge Module.
  116. Explanation or Total vs. Unique users in reporting
  117. Inactive updates still occasionally appearing as active
  118. I love the new reports
  119. Could we get some kind of discount for being a top bug reporter?
  120. I can't report bugs. Macrovision eService won't give me an account
  121. Product version comparison on 3 fields?
  122. Update Service Security Problem
  123. Why does this happen?
  124. Feature transfer error when Update Service is enabled. Error occurs only on Upgrade.
  125. Thread to watch (Agent.exe high CPU usage)
  126. Are the counters right?
  127. Instructions for adding Update Serice to an application
  128. Authenticate with Activation Service
  129. Update service prices ?
  130. Silent update
  131. 13001 Product Not Registered ! (for only one product)
  132. Updates not occurring on first attempt
  133. Error 404 when updating InstallShield 11
  134. update service agent issue
  135. Please help.
  136. Update Service UI Test works, but not at PC
  137. DWUSVERSION question
  138. How to make update
  140. Customer Total Usage counter not working
  141. Update Manager
  142. Incorect or unsupported language provided to Update Service - Error during install
  143. update service agent proxy issue on Linux
  144. Installation Problem when Enable Update Service is set to Yes
  145. Automatically Uninstall the previous Application
  146. Isus 4.6
  147. Problem with User Authentication
  148. Web Interface works, Wizard not
  149. Com Exception 198334
  150. Can we use SetUpdateStatus function using InstallShield 10.5 (InstallScript)?
  151. "Silent" Authentication
  152. AppUpdate always show only one of my update?
  153. Problem with New JVM
  154. Regarding Db Backup
  155. Update Service Error: "Your current browser security settings..."
  156. Cannot create UpdateService account
  157. How does a program update itself without file sharing issues?
  158. Can Update Service be used to update data in the client's database?
  159. shortcuts of previous version not getting deleted while upgrading
  160. Platform Support: Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  161. Product/Version Registered?
  162. Reporting from the intial install.
  163. Help with Update Services needed.
  164. How to - Update Service : Some answers Please
  165. Error by Clicking on "Install now" or "Download"
  166. Oooh, I just found something I love with Update Service!
  167. I cannot add new versions from IS 11!!!!
  168. DWUSAgent.htm missing from 4.6 Java SDK for Windows
  169. I just don't get it
  170. Updating from pre-update enabled setups
  171. How much to get up and running with the ISUS?
  172. Downloaded program files?
  173. Help in avoiding Major Upgrade with the upgrade to latest ISUS 4.5Agent merge module
  174. New user and I'm confused
  175. UpdateAgent.EnumUpdates() locks my app for 5-10 seconds
  176. cannot connect to update service from single machine
  177. How do i enable automatic updates for my Application?
  178. Where Does ISUS Get Its Version # From?
  179. Non-admin users cannot install patch
  180. How to avoid multiple instances of Update Service Window
  181. Trying to do the basics
  182. Download Method and One-Click install
  183. Update Download Method and One-Click install
  184. Help : Download Method and One-Click install
  185. Update Download Method and One-Click install
  186. Question about Update service Starter Plus Edition
  187. Problem with croatian characters
  188. Update Service Disabled
  189. Problem with versions
  190. Evaluating Update Service
  191. Update service reporting
  192. File Syncronization
  193. What happens to inactive clients
  194. Script Errors when running checking for updates
  195. program update icon in control panel (blank)
  196. Can't download ISUS 5
  197. ISUS 5 Findings
  198. Problem with published date
  199. Discussion: How much is ISUS worth to you?
  200. FLEXnet Connect 6 is now available!
  201. Total Users Counter is Inaccurate - Disregard it!
  202. Bug: Empty Update Manager UI
  203. Attemps to check for updates show a 404 error
  204. Warnig while building a patch
  205. Windows XP x64 edition supported?
  206. How to Remove the shortcuts after Update?
  207. Update Agent failure
  208. using installshield hosting
  209. Internal file location
  210. Can not get Update Service to work
  211. F-Secure/firewall issue with OnUpdateComplete()?
  212. Update Server 4.5 Server Side plugin issues
  213. Messages don't work either!
  214. Problems with Machine Profile Reports
  215. Authentication - How to auth first before displaying updates
  216. Accessing profiles in Update Service
  217. Software Campaign
  218. Loading update.exe file and support files
  219. Adding new Update deletes previous?!
  220. You would think Macrovision could get Update Manager right...
  221. file sync. Backslash removed in destination path
  222. Update Manager - Huge Failure / Waste of Money!
  223. Getting "Product code not registered" for SOME users
  224. Customizing update manager
  225. "Silent" authentication
  226. Publisher Web Service
  227. Need programs that use Update Service
  228. AutoUpdate does not detect updates
  229. Files In Use Question
  230. Service gets hung if error during download
  231. Update Service Agent API not working properly
  232. Error while attempting to write to the database.
  233. Error # -2147166892
  234. Change Download Location
  235. Customizing ISUSPM.exe
  236. Automatically Update Service
  237. ISUS Merge Module
  238. Machine Profile Reports
  239. File Synch Installing to Wrong location
  240. How does ISUS determines proxy settings?
  241. how do APIs work in VB2005?
  242. Callout File Information
  243. File sync does not overwrite files
  244. Agent API - C++ UpdateEvents
  245. Product Not Recognized by Update Service
  246. N00b question...
  247. IUpdateEx3->Authenticate issue
  248. Script Error
  249. Problem with the Download Method
  250. IS 11.5 update service question