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  1. NestedSetProductPropertyBeanWizardAction - update nested Product bean property
  2. GeneralDestinationPanel - Similar to the InstallShield Destination Panel
  3. AdminConditions - Bean which check to see if the current user is an administrator.
  4. PutArchive - Using putArchive() to include a jar file in the archive
  5. TestWizardPanel - Example wizard panel using GridBagLayout
  6. CopyFileWizardAction - Copy a file based on bean source and target settings
  7. DeleteFileWizardActionBean - A File Wizard Action Bean that will delete a file.
  8. GetSelectedFeatures - Obtains a list of selected features at runtime.
  9. Testlog - Custom bean that writes to a logfile
  10. ListResourceBundle Example-provides translated custom strings for a multi-language install
  11. LocaleDisplayPanel-Displays all locales available to the running JVM
  12. JavaPropDisplayPanel-Displays all available Java system properties available at run time
  13. ExtendedRegistryUpdate - registry updater supporting IS string replacement functions
  14. BeanSelectedWizardBeanCondition - Condtion based on a beans active property
  15. ChoiceComponentEx - extends ChoiceComponent to provide more functionality
  16. FeatureProductBeanCondition - Condition based on a features active property
  17. FeatureWizardBeanCondition - Condition based on the active property of a feature
  18. ItsExecWizardAction - Executes an installed file
  19. GetVariableWizardAction - Read values from an ini-type file
  20. GetSpeInstallOptions - Sample input panel
  21. Win32GetRegValue - Gets a value from the Win32 Registry
  22. GetPrepayInstallOptions - Sample input panel
  23. PasswordInputField for GenericUserInputPanel
  24. Custom Service Example
  25. JNI example: getting a Win32 file version
  26. ISMP IDE Editor Gallery
  27. set default values to user input panel
  28. Verify DB connection throught JDBC-ODBC Bridge
  29. Set Java Property - from a wizard bean
  30. Extract and Update Jar Files.
  31. AlreadyInstalledCondition
  32. Display Text From File
  33. DisableFeature - Wizard Action
  34. File Searcher
  35. Wizard Bean Condition FileExist
  36. installation of MSI package via JNI
  37. Or two String Conditions
  38. Updated 'ObjectAllreadyInstall' bean
  39. SendEmailAction
  40. Solaris user id and group id action
  41. Set Java System Property from ANT Properties
  42. Set Java time interval variables
  43. Check Oracle Connection