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  1. Why upgrading to InstallShield 2011 is such a pain.
  2. Can't detect previous version of application installed with InstallShield 9
  3. Passing Properties to Chained MSI packages
  4. Predefined Folders usage (InstallShield 2011)
  5. Chained Installs linked to Parent Progress Bar
  6. x86 x64 Setup questions
  7. dll missing from Web Service Extension
  8. Get .NET Path
  9. Logging Uninstall when run from Add or Remove Programs
  10. About silent install questions
  11. IIS Virtual Directory Network Share Connect as Problem.
  12. Components Dialog
  13. Debugging Basic MSI project
  14. Automation Interface: Determine the Project's Active Configuration
  15. Empty Folders Not Removed On Windows 7
  16. 32 bit and 64 bit w/ 1 project misleading??
  17. Prerequisite stating failure even though it doesn't.
  18. About using DoAction in ControlEvent
  19. Custom Action Question
  20. Tips/Suggestions for registering COM components
  21. .exe Not Updating
  22. register serialnumber questions
  23. 64-bit files going to program files (x86) directory
  24. When will there be SQLCE4 support
  25. Multiple instance installation of same installer
  26. What happens if rollback custom action fails?
  27. Release Wizard - How do I output MSI file
  28. Error 1609 - 64bit install
  29. Installing Service without including executable
  30. Sql Server GO breaking script
  31. Install Package fails from Network Share drives or folders
  32. Install Script failes to call .NET method from Network share
  33. Trouble getting value of ISIISMETABASECOMPATPRESENT
  34. New Standalone Build x86 vs x64 Question
  35. Can't find .Net4 PreReq
  36. problems using shared sub features
  37. Choosing between features
  38. Forcing USB Drivers to update.
  39. Upgrading from MSI with no updatecode
  40. Finding an unknown string between two known strings
  41. How Do you get the full path name of file in dynamic file library?
  42. Installation modifies unrelated application pools
  43. ini file placement
  44. Windows Mobile Plaforms
  45. DoInstall - What happens during uninstall?
  46. How do I allow Web Service Extension for .Net Framework 4.0
  47. Multiple Product Configurations / UpgradeCode
  48. EzDefineDialog and WaitOnDialog not showing dialog
  49. Modify function at CustomSetup does nothing
  50. IsCmdBld.exe deployment?
  51. Error 6209: Regasm.exe cannot be located on your system
  52. What Property has List of SQL Server Databases
  53. Minor upgrade is having problem ..please help
  54. VC Redist x86 (32 bit) not installed on 64bit OS
  55. Deleting Files Used Only for Installation
  56. Specify Database File Location
  57. set up in windows 7
  58. The current version of the application could not be determined. The setup will now ..
  59. TFS and IS Standalone Build errors with "XML file changes"
  60. Response files for install and uninstall?
  61. ICE03 on registry values formatted as [!Component]
  62. Generating Log Files Changes Installation Behavior
  63. Error 3204
  64. Install SQL Server Express 2008 with Management Studio
  65. Adding Shortcuts to previous installation
  66. ODBC Data Source failure
  67. SdAskOptions - hard limit of 4 options??
  68. Billboard image display settings
  70. Public document folder
  71. How to Install Script Project target Windows7
  72. Are the component conditions evaluated in an administrative installation?
  73. How to Set ProductLanguage?
  74. Frustrated inexperienced user needs URL help!
  75. No MSI "Copy From Source Media" option in IS 2011
  76. Need help understanding options for installing .NET 4
  77. How can I determine the type of CPU on the target computer?
  78. How can I add sth. to the environment variable path on the target computer?
  79. Base OS language Vs Language Pack issues
  80. Replacing text in files copied using XCopyFile
  81. Where does Install Shield get the User Information?
  82. Non editable text box for user choice summery in GUI
  83. How To Find The .ism File Version In Installshield 11 Premier Edition
  84. How do I get properties from original install for upgrade
  85. How can I add assemblies to the GAC with InstallScript?
  86. InstallShield 2011 Install / Uninstall Slow on VM
  87. DoInstall - Problem with passing command line /V"InstallLevel=2"
  88. chained msi problem
  89. Mixing Installshield Premier and Professional
  90. Passing Properties in a chained install package
  91. Feature Events not Called on Uninstall from Major Upgrade
  92. Installshield 2011 & Installscript - supports Unicode or not?
  93. SSL binding in InstallShield 2011 Premier
  94. prerequisites are uninstalled
  95. Mege Module Functionality in Installshield 11 Premier Edition
  96. Installing a new major version without upgrading
  97. Old InstallShields 6.2 string table
  98. MaintenanceType Basic msi
  99. Customized Required Software
  100. Java and specific JRE
  101. How to determine if upgrade is in advertisement
  102. Installscript Custom Action and Mapped Drive
  103. How to reduce installer build sizes?
  104. dll missing in upgrade
  105. Prerequisites Dialog
  106. Tailoring Prerequisites using LE Version
  107. Setup Prereqs Masked by Release Flags Incorrectly Require Setup.exe
  108. Disable or Hide the SetupType Dialog
  109. Warning 3028 about string ID "IDS_ERROR_27555"
  110. Error with IISRT: -2147024893
  111. Missing Dialog Scripts in InstallShield 2011
  112. Error 129 and prerequisities
  113. The variable ALLUSERSPROFILE don't changes depend on OS
  114. InstallScript Project Setup.exe size
  115. Where to store temp files which i need during installation
  116. Supress SQL Connection on UnInstallation
  117. ISChain.exe errors?
  118. Windows Service install and Recovery Actions
  119. Uninstall deletes to many registry entries
  120. Upgrade from a different Product with different UID
  121. how to build 32bit and 64bit installers using one .ism project?
  122. Using Dll Functions
  123. windows installer 4.5 for win xp sp2 is failing to abort the setup
  124. ProgramData Permissions
  125. Urgent!! How to create single msi file using Installscript MSI project
  126. Web Install Package issue
  127. Disk Cost: how to include Disk1 files in calc?
  128. RegDBGetUninstCmdLine - Sample or Direction?
  129. IIS7 Handler Mappings
  130. Prerequisites Requiring Administrator Rights Under Windows XP
  131. Prerequisites Dialog Box Displayed Incorrectly
  132. Components disappear from project when part of script-defined folders
  133. Edit "Exit Setup" dialog text for localisation.
  134. Writing an installscript project to deploy an EAR File
  135. Release Events
  136. Install was inadvertently logged while testing, how do I fix?
  137. Converting from WIX to installshield
  138. add a new file to a quick patch
  139. Cannot find dependencies when adding an application file.
  140. Detection of SQL Server 2008 Express Edition R2 while installing
  141. How To Create A Error Message Ca In Installshield
  142. How to set path for two file open dialogs?
  143. Prereq reboot
  144. Default Desktop Icon on Windows 7
  145. Excel Addin Removal
  146. Is there a way to use Path Variables in InstallScript?
  147. Converted from IS 7 to IS 2011
  148. Server 2008 and IIS deployment
  149. IsCmdBld with UNC path - fatal error -1000
  150. XML file changes - How to set XML destination file path!!
  151. Fact : Rollback Restores deleted system Files. But when sequenced?
  152. Transform + Chained MSIs?
  153. LaunchApplication and mklink
  154. Enable/disable Next button immediately after browsing a file
  155. Deploying a Windows Service
  156. Microsoft VC++ 2005/2008 x86 Installation Failure Error
  157. Path question using Team Foundation Build
  158. Running SQL Script through installscript
  159. Installing Multiple patches in a single file
  160. Query on Patches
  161. Determining if an Installation has been aborted.
  162. IIS Dynamic Parameter for Username never fails
  163. How to stop/start a service that may or may not be present on a machine
  164. AppPool ISIISCosting bug.
  165. InstallShield 2011 IIS Virtual Directories
  166. Using Global Assemblies and COM Extraction
  167. Can't work with REGDB_STRING_MULTI in IS 2011
  168. Setup Success Dialog
  169. can't automate (a property doesn't change)
  170. Set install to remove old install
  171. Localization - many IDS_ strings not translated
  172. Installing multiple .msi created in visual studio using one installsheild project
  173. Installshield Setup screen headings color change problem
  174. Verifying Domain Credentials?
  175. Empty Directories after Uninstall
  176. Project Assistant Installation Interview Panel
  177. setting the app size in Add/Remove Programs
  178. Advertised shortcut does not kick repair
  179. Basic MSI: How can I simply browse for ODBC DataSourceName
  180. Build BUG - FeatureComponents table
  181. Folder Creation During MinorUpgrade
  182. Build takes forever! How can I speed it up?
  183. Can’t select WindowsVolume in ”Show Predefined Folder”?
  184. Error 6003 with redistributable SQL express 2008
  185. Major Upgrade Issue???
  186. How to add data to the setup file?
  187. Create a folder under c driver
  188. TARGETDIR replaces dot with comma
  189. MSM and MsiDigitalCertificate table
  190. ISDEV : error -6103: Could not find file
  191. Quick Question about "Not Install"
  192. problem silent installing. updater pops up
  193. Custom actions (SQL) are executed as Local System Account, not as installing user.
  194. Uninstall issues
  195. Service Pack for IS2011
  196. Get SQL variables from OnSQLServerInitialize();
  197. MSBuild, InstallScript, and Stand Alone Installer
  198. How to uninstall another MSI in MSI?
  199. Readonly Folder
  200. String to Integer conversion?
  201. The product license has expired or has not yet been initialized
  202. InstallShield 2012 wishlist
  203. what is HtmlHelp:0 module?
  204. Error Reading Setup Initialization File
  205. Getting local ip address
  206. How Add anew language in the standAlone build?
  207. Strange return code from LaunchAndWaitForApp - -532459699
  208. Limitation on nested if/then statements
  209. KeyPaths missing in Components created with Dynamic linking
  210. Process "InstallScript Setup Launcher" is not closed after finish
  211. Exe problems in Custom Actions
  213. General uninstall problem
  214. Running SQL script on fail only
  215. Uninstalling nested MSI doesn't work with Win7
  216. How to pull dialogs in maintenance mode?
  217. Don't include CAB files in MSI
  218. InstallShield support Vietnamese language?
  219. How to Configure IIS 7.5 with Installscript on IS 2011
  220. All user vs. per user installation not working
  221. Change Source Location in Merge Module (MSM)
  222. Prerequisites using MSIExec.exe
  223. VS 2010 Integration
  224. Get Registry permissions ?
  225. Create Catalog If Absent not Working
  226. Order of features installed
  227. Multiple Instances and different InstallDirs and Shortcuts
  228. SUPPORTDIR from Basic MSI Project
  229. Repair popup - how to get rid of it?
  230. Prerrequisites SQLServerExpress
  231. Windows Service install and Recovery Actions
  232. Major Upgrade is removing files
  233. How to define release-dependent MSI properties
  234. Feature size and customizable dialogs
  235. automatically delete element from upgrade table
  236. Custom-install value of INSTALLDIR
  237. Cannot find setup.exe filename
  238. Prerequisite for SQL Server Compact Edition 4.0?
  239. What is Behaviour and Logics?
  240. Using IS 2011 SAB installed directory/binaries on another computer
  241. Use property value from msi in Configurable merge package
  242. Problem with DLL Custom Action
  243. Installer starting after forcereboot instead of Uninstaller
  244. Troubles with /v and /z
  245. How to reuse DTF Custom Action while passing parameters?
  246. Signed installation: Cannot install on a VmWare Computer
  247. MSI does not recognize %random% environment variable
  248. SUPPORTDIR property is empty in DTF C# Custom Action. Why???!!!
  249. Problems resolving a property in a path
  250. Chart controls