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  1. Problem passing string with a semicolon to chained msi
  2. Help for adapting the code for VB 2008
  3. strange behavior of “Choose setup language” dialog
  4. One install project to support several products
  5. Changing INSTALLDIR on the Fly
  6. Checking for Windows User Account
  7. Support Files
  8. InstallScript Debugger
  9. Side by side in Installshield
  10. C runtime libraries with diff version.
  11. Get service to run under Local Service
  12. Microsoft VSTO 2010 Runtime prq for x64?
  13. Support Complaint
  14. Modify Virtualization options through the Automation interface?
  15. passing multiple path variables using the -l switch to the Stand Alone Build engine
  16. msvcp100.dll Installation in GAC
  17. Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {23473F79-0333-4A92-9823-DC
  18. Using Launch Conditions to Prevent Installation on Unsupported Windows Platforms
  19. Setting and Getting Custom Dialog Checkbox Properties
  20. Integrating Installshield 2011 with Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010
  21. Automation Interface: Build method isn't building project
  22. ISDEV : warning -6211
  23. Repair installations from different InstallSource locations??
  24. file path in registry on 64 bit machine being changed automatically
  25. Repair and Modify are searching for original setup.exe
  26. AddProfString() not working correctly
  27. Retrieiving Version Number
  28. CA condition for a minor upgrade
  29. TFS 2010 + TeamBuild + Distribute After Build via FTP not working
  30. Passing UI language from parent setup.exe to chained msi package
  31. Questions about multiple release configurations
  32. SQL Server 2008 R2 redistributables
  33. Multi-selections in Combo or List boxes
  34. FeatureSelection tree and turning off settings
  35. How to prevent patch from installing if its already installed
  36. File type extensions and icons for primary project outputs?
  37. Probem with prerequisites and dependencies
  38. Allow overall install destination change, but NOT feature destination changes?
  39. Custom Action DLLs in C#
  40. Polish setup doesn’t display correctly some Polish characters
  41. Problem creating custom dialog boxes under windows 7.
  42. Major Upgrade in creating shortcuts
  43. Can't change Advertised to No for shortcuts derived from .net project outputs
  44. Estimated Time is not shown correctly
  45. Setting a public property based on an external INI file
  46. Chaining Questions
  47. Order in SdSetupTypeEx
  48. Major upgrade doesn't add entry in Add/Remove Programs
  49. Skip the UAC from running Setup.exe on Win 7
  50. Using localized strings during uninstallation
  51. custom actions just refusing to work!!!
  52. How to stop 32-bit installer from over installing 64-bit version
  53. In the control panel, how to set the Remove and change button
  54. Component uninstallation
  55. self repair starts suddenly
  56. Adding New Managed Code - Installed with product failed in 2011!![Bug ??]
  57. Weird interaction with Business Objects
  58. localized folder names
  59. Feature Selection Tree control
  60. installation in folders already existing
  61. Deployment Verification/Testing Of Installations
  62. Is it the installshield 2011's BUG?
  63. Force RegisterAssembly in Major Upgrade
  64. Enabling IIS 6 Management Compatibility
  65. Strange numbers in prerequisite window
  66. files on two locations , link?
  67. Missing features in IS2011 Script Editor
  68. VBscript with DeleteFolder custom action issue
  69. Major Upgrade don't recover previous Install location
  70. Prevent SQLScripts from running on Update
  71. Remove an InstallScript Installer during installation
  72. HELP! who can help me?
  73. How to create a new user and use the new user login in a SQL script?
  74. Any way to set IIS authentication dynamically?
  75. Compile Error L8407 : conflicts with previous definition
  76. Error: -1639 Invalid command line argument
  77. CUstom action dialog NOT WORKING!
  78. Uninstall while the Programs & Features control panel is open.
  79. Install licences depending if some conditions are true
  80. Why WIN64DUALFOLDERS appears in chained package?
  81. InstallShield 2011 Please Help
  82. Uninstalling 32bit app on 64bit machine- Files remain
  83. White Paper: Microsoft App-V – What Software Developers Should Know
  84. Webinar: InstallShield Standalone Build
  85. Chained msi packages
  86. How to cache the .msi for maintenance
  87. Unable to pin InstallShield 2011 to Windows 7 taskbar
  88. Include/exclude major upgrade item based on product configuration
  89. Is it possible to build Installation like Adobe Installer?
  90. Trialware for Web Installer
  91. NT Service using SDLogonInformation
  92. Automatically add new files to setup
  93. check for updates is greyed out
  94. Setup won't start
  95. LockPermission Frustration
  96. How to gracefully warn user that Patch can't be installed before installing base
  97. Download prerequisites from app server.
  98. How to creates PostBuilds with Different File Names
  99. IIS IP Configuration
  100. Urgent .NET 3.5/4.0 support issue
  101. problem with the setup status dialog
  102. Prerequisite OS conditions
  103. building Setup.exe and .MSI from one project?
  104. Installscript bootstrapper getting into a broken state (or breaking Windows)
  105. Fun with upgrades.
  106. Add exclusions to Windows Search during install
  107. Crystal Report Prerequisites
  108. Folder browser dialog and UNC paths?
  109. Disable distribute after build when upgrade validation fails
  110. error during repair
  111. Cannot Uninstall/Repair
  112. Problem with a component and more than 32767 files
  113. Silent Uninstall Leaves Entry in Add or Remove Programs
  114. Path Variables in Path Variables
  115. Prerequisite condition behavior changed?
  116. Validate digital signature
  117. VB Scripts Missing
  118. calling bat scripts as part of installation
  119. Expanding and repacking setup.exe
  120. MSI won't install until reboot
  121. Issue with calling poweshell script in Custom Action
  122. Custom Action not executing on Window 7 only
  123. Upgraded ReadMe RTF displays garbage.
  124. Is a 64-bit InstallScript project possible?
  125. Wrapping an existing installation?
  126. Pass pre-requisite check information from Config file
  127. Un-installation in Silent mode not working
  128. Change the UI and text of default language selection dialog
  129. Error -1073741819 with IS2011 SAB
  130. shared component invoke
  131. Info on different versions of InstallShield
  132. need script to read exe folder, not necessarily working folder
  133. Installling Services
  134. Sequences Installation Execute Help
  135. unable to run feature event during uninstallation
  136. InstallShield 2011 Premier Edition
  137. Ctrl F3 & Ctrl F2 not working
  138. Inserting array of nodes into XML file
  139. Building InstallShield 2011 projects with previous InstallShield versions
  140. CreateProcess() with Install shield 2011 is not working.
  141. kill a process before FilesInUse (basic MSI)
  142. Major upgrade not detected after upgrading to InstallShiel 2011
  143. ShortCut view grabbing random file for icon
  144. Feature Request: Status report upon opening project
  145. Has anyone successfully used the "prqpath" parameter for ISCmdBld.exe?
  146. SQL Server 2005 Express prereq successful installation doesn't launch installer
  147. FolderBrowserDialog .NET DLL Custom Action not showing folder tree
  148. Calling a Sandard dll in the deferred sequence
  149. Is there any difference for string importing between Installshield 2008 and 2011?
  150. Generate setup.exe in an application
  151. How do I get the SQL Server Name
  152. Device Driver Set ReDist sets Launch Condition
  153. ServiceAddService question (InstallScript project)
  154. SQL Connection, database association
  155. CreateProcess doesn't work with IS2011
  156. Custom Action to set a property
  157. How did I build this component?
  158. Unexpected ICE Error in Merge Module
  159. one Installer for several software projects
  160. LaunchAppAndWait() doesn't Work With Window 7.
  161. DLLWrapStartup causing a 1723 error
  162. fatal error f8511: can’t open include file
  163. Can't convert project
  164. Trouble running VBScript as CA
  165. Migration from Installshield6.1 to Installshield 2011
  166. InstallSheild launched from a website?
  167. Replace Hardcoded Computer Name (Fully Qualified)
  168. Need a little push to get started
  169. Icon
  170. Ignore specific directories in Dynamic Links
  171. Format for product version
  172. Combobox Database Selection
  173. Multiple database installation problem
  174. InstallShield Pro vs IS Limited Edition
  175. 2011 Install
  176. ISSetupPrerequisites and InstallGuid Conflict
  177. Error 27505. Could not open SQL script file
  178. Chance to cancel a major upgrade
  179. Bring MessageBox to Front
  180. Install silverlight web application. Possible?
  181. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express SP1 (x86 & x64Wow) on 64 bit Windows 7
  182. InstallUtil, version
  183. Why some properties are not accesible from SetupCompleteSuccess dialog
  184. How to Backup Existing Files while Installing Hotfix in Custom Action
  185. Information about InstallShield.Interop.Msi class
  186. Office 2007 / 2010 PIA - setup prerequisite
  187. Managed Custom Action
  188. DLL registration with IS 2011
  189. Guide to create 32-bit and 64-bit Setup's in single project
  190. Batch file for Schedule Tasks
  191. No upgrage/update option
  192. ISDependency: The string is too long...
  193. How to integrate building of Installshield ism and TFS?
  194. Merge Modules
  195. Custom Dialog Problems
  196. Relative paths in Prerequisites dont work
  197. Basic MSI and MSI DataBase
  198. error opening log file (1622) after reboot on 2008
  199. Installshield registry bug found - Properties show up as literals in registry
  200. StdOle.dll / Office PIAs: How to install
  201. Error Upgrading Project To 2011 [setup.inx]
  202. ISWiAutomation17.dll Interface issue
  203. SQLLogin Dialog
  204. LaunchAppandWait/LaunchApplication return code question
  205. ...a way to force InstallShield not to determine space requirements?
  206. InstallShield 2011 features that you paying for but don't use
  207. IS 2011 , ServicePack
  208. Build install with different path (-L still broken)
  209. How to: one file type, two verbs, two apps
  210. Running Setup.exe as admin user causes all other users to look for admin folder
  211. repair install doesn't update the device
  212. force Maintenance mode if installed?
  213. SQL Script Text Replacement
  214. Can some Support Files be conditional (based on Release perhaps)?
  215. Populating Combobox with custom action
  216. SystemLanguageID
  217. Is there a way to hide IS taskbar item during install?
  218. one-click and netscape question
  219. Migration of InstallShield to 2011 is having major issue!!
  220. SQL Scripts - can you refresh Script at build time
  221. What's the difference between a Custom Action DLL and Managed Code DLL
  222. Excel VBA to Automate Installshield?
  223. multiple keys in web.config
  224. What is a .h file and a .rul file? why this error?
  225. InstallShield on VMWare move to new hardware
  226. Need a way to preserve feature selections when asking setup type
  227. Application Mappings Issue with IIS 6.0 and IIS 7.5
  228. Create Patch for Setup
  229. TEMP env variable wrong in IS2011
  230. Problem to Execute CA on Win 2008 Machine
  231. Can't get PreReq C++ redist x86 to install on Windows 7 64-bit
  232. Script doesn't work properly on Server 2008 when run from install
  233. ChandimaRajakaruna() - What is the use of this Script Funtion??
  234. How to install .Net Service
  235. How to call WINAPI CreateFile instead of IS wrapper?
  236. ISB2011 Compile issue on 64-bit machine
  237. CustomerInformation dialog and the Next button
  238. Error with IISRT: -1102
  239. Default Feature not installing?
  240. Why is ActionText not a property of a Custom Action?
  241. Error 2762 - After importing InstallShield 10.5 project to InstallShield 2011
  242. Bug: try catch endcatch no longer works in InstallScript projects
  243. System Search - 64-bit registry and WIN64DUALFOLDERS
  244. Questions about End user license registration
  245. ¿How to build an installer that allow select an instance between multiple instance to
  246. Desktop Shortcuts created without Icon.
  247. Error -6199 Internal Build Error
  248. Edit field doesn't update when property changes
  249. Excel Add-Ins
  250. InstallShield Beginner Information