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  1. Stopping and restarting individual FlexLM daemon in shared license file
  2. verbosity in debug log
  3. When a Windows box can't get a license across a WAN
  4. LMGRD starts and runs in a DOS window, but not as a service
  5. Flexlm Windows license finder - Error in saving configuration settings
  6. What default port number should I use in the SERVER line ?
  7. lmcrypt not working
  8. RH9 vendor daemon leaking fds ?
  9. Issues with Dual Core CPUs
  10. lingered licenses - questions to bugfixes in 10.8.2
  11. Is there any active forum on FLEXnet Publisher
  12. Support for dongles on 64-bit Windows
  13. Problem with Version 10.8 Services not running
  14. (lmgrd) .... exited with status 0 signal = 17
  15. Help in Heartbeat implementation
  16. LMTOOLS 10.8 is Problematic
  17. Can I use newer vers of LMTOOLS with older LMGRD
  18. Error 1053 when running service from user account
  19. Report generation in Licensing
  20. flexnet with linux client errno 141
  21. Error -510 :: Server's Feature Doesn't Authenticate On Client Side
  22. Usage of lp_checkout() in C# code
  23. Authenticating to web services in C#
  24. lc_heartbeat Requirements
  25. flexlm error -88,390
  26. Understanding required for Checkin() and Checkout()
  27. Any API for checking License expiry date
  28. out?
  29. Is the license server sofware version 10.1 compatible with Fedora Core 6
  30. VISA charging
  31. Send an evaluation copy
  32. C# support
  33. platform\pubkey.h
  34. Missing Library?
  35. Flexnet License Server Manager in client PC
  36. Support for multiple license server platforms
  37. Three Server redundancy
  38. Failed to create vendorInfo.java
  39. lc_checkout with flag LM_CO_LOCALTEST
  40. End-user: Flexnet installation from multiple vendors
  41. FLEXNet from Delphi applications
  42. Error message from vendor daemon
  43. Can't use absolute path of a license file to createLicenseSource
  44. What are flex*.log?
  45. Try to migrate FLEXlm to FLEXnet
  46. Change my vendor name
  47. Setting License Client connect timeout.
  48. Flexlm License Error
  49. Accidental future date
  50. Clarification with version
  51. FlexNet Vendor Defines
  52. checkin method didn't return if network connection is broken
  53. File vs. trusted storage based licensing
  54. The vendor daemon cannot be stopped using lmdown
  55. lc_hostid Behavior Question
  56. Uncounted file-based licenses and remote desktop
  57. lc_checkout / License File Parsing?
  58. Composite HostID using HOSTID_ETHER w/No Nic. Card Installed
  59. Multiple Served License For Same Vendor
  60. Problem to start server of FLEXLM 9.2 on Vista
  61. question about Flexlm error -48, 7006
  62. Cross-platform preptool (x64 on i86)
  63. "Vendor daemon died with status 58" and vendor daemon hanged up.
  64. generating pubkey
  65. Creating update for FLEXnet Connect
  66. App thinks it's lost its license but server doesn't
  67. lmreread with triad
  68. lmreread in Solaris 8
  69. lost lock, exiting (errno: 45)
  70. Server status
  71. FlexLM file descriptors
  72. Trusted Storage Filtering
  73. 'Runs' vs. 'Counted' License
  74. Is 'local activation' to server-side trusted storage possible?
  75. License Transfers
  76. Ubuntu Support
  77. ISTest.exe
  78. Problems installing the lmgrd service
  79. Host ID Issue: Host ID changes upon reboot
  80. lc_flexinit fails on Virtual PC 2007
  81. Suppressing prompt for license service/file
  82. Common Vendor Daemon tecnology
  83. Question regarding flexnet functionality
  84. License Server as 'Activation Server'
  85. Dynamic Locked Licensing
  86. Add Threshold to max licenses
  87. Transfers
  88. Trusted Storage redundancy
  89. High Availability
  90. i86_n3_enterprise
  91. lmcrypt.exe not working
  92. Vendor Defines Revisited
  93. Change customer specific data in an existing license in trusted storage
  94. What is the purpose of processing a return?
  95. Trusted Storage on a virtual machine.
  96. Operations Error: 7142 Unable to create the Trusted Configuration
  97. Short codes can only be used on client-side activations.
  98. Manual Activation Request Requirements
  99. Hardware Keys (dongles)
  100. How do you create lm_new_md.obj
  101. Return license from another license server
  102. flxActSvrActivationVendorDataSet
  103. Local activation can only be performed on the client-side.
  104. Disable License Finder Window with TS
  105. License File and Trusted Storage
  106. No Response
  107. Java API Issue
  108. Expired trusted storage licenses
  109. Dongle Installer
  110. Resetting trial ASRs
  111. lc_set_attr and lmutil lmpath -status
  112. Retail Activation - Maximum vendor string length
  113. Problem upgrading to v11.x from v10.x
  114. Error Accessing Licensing Details on Linux
  115. setting keywords inside SDK
  116. VB.NET 2.0, lc_get_attr, lc_set_attr, String Values
  117. Linux 64 Bit Dongle Working?
  118. Error activating
  119. FLEXnet on Fedora 9
  120. Timeout when communication to license server is lost.
  121. Set a multivalue custom attribute
  122. Error using appactutil.exe
  123. Application controlled by TS hangs
  124. Is lmreread.exe the only option to get the License Server to get changes in TS
  125. Server Redundency
  126. PUBLISHER_TRIAL_ID by asrgen.exe created incorrectly
  127. Configuring fixed port on vendor daemon
  128. Checkout broken feature returns -18 LM_NOSERVSUPP
  129. missing msvcr90.dll on vista
  130. Windback detection not working...
  131. lmadmin
  132. Getting -4, MAX_USERS (multiple license servers)
  133. Get the start date
  134. Node locked + Float ?
  135. lc_feat_list returns no features
  136. COM Security and flex initialization
  137. floating license locked to a dongle?
  138. Microsoft C++ exception: FNPNS::TSM::CDoesNotExistException at memory location ...
  139. Checkout an additional license
  140. Dongle type
  141. Problem with HKEY_CURRENT_USER in Windows Vista
  142. Build with Microsoft C 9.0 on x64
  143. FLEXnet Licensing Service: Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start..
  144. Need help about FLEXlm ?
  145. Clash of the Vendors
  146. Trusted storage license path issue
  147. FAILED: Wrong CustomActionData format (Internal Code: 0)
  148. Creating demoInfo.java
  149. Java 1.6 support
  150. Flexlm crash at IBM Subscribenet site
  151. License Server on VMWare
  152. Infinite retries
  153. Running license server on vmware
  154. lc_borrow_return issues
  155. Java client class
  156. Memory leak when initializing Trusted Storage with an ASR then activating another lic
  157. FLEXnet Licensing error only when building on Linux
  158. composite id from string
  159. Network connection issues
  160. Expiring licenses
  161. problem with checking out license and vpn
  162. What Partition Does HOSTID_DISK_ SERIAL_NUM Select?
  163. How is a borrowed license stored?
  164. Getting host-id from Java APIs
  165. automating the registration and activation process
  166. lmflex problem
  167. License activation using request/response files
  168. No eth0, only wlan (ubuntu)
  169. Flex error codes
  170. library cleanup API
  171. activation API question(s)
  172. download FLEXnet Publisher 11.3
  173. How to prevent clients from shutting down the license server
  174. LMBORROW using an earlier date
  175. Re-reading licenses
  176. Activation Wizard and Tools
  177. FlexNet API and strong named assemblies
  178. Problems with lmutil
  179. check out license based on Entitlement ID or SN
  180. Unable to check out licenses from remote linux machine
  181. lc_checkout after license return
  182. Time out while doing a check out
  183. Behavior when license server is unreachable
  184. Vendor-Defined host id issue
  185. Site License Best Practice
  186. How to remove FNP from a System
  187. Trial licenses
  188. Application activation in java app
  189. System.AccessViolationException on Windows 7
  190. Client-side trusted storage
  191. Connection timeout with unreachable server
  192. Creating group in options file
  193. No Support from Flexera
  194. Limiting users without counted features
  195. Runtime search path for license files includes original build directory?
  196. Using borrowing features with lc_set_attr
  197. 64 bit PC
  198. Periodically checkout feature - sometimes license server return LM_NO_SERVER_IN_FILE
  199. Lm_binding_agent
  200. Migrating from 2000 Server to 2008 Server
  201. Are lmgr and lmgr_trl libs different?
  202. Enumerate Dongle IDs
  203. Get Network Connection Related to MAC
  204. US Export Restrictions and Tamper Resistant Licenses
  205. "lmutil lmstat"
  206. error building c++ project
  207. Mixed set of Vendors using FNPLicensingService - compatability and availability?
  208. How to load license from string
  209. License.getFeature() returning null
  210. vendor daemon customization
  211. is START attribute license start date?
  212. 3 redundant Virtual servers on the same hardware ?
  213. serveractutil error
  214. token model log entries
  215. Do Secure Data Types work under FlexLM licensing?
  216. Direct Client Opportunity - Flexnet Consultant
  217. HOSTID=DEMO License doesn't work
  218. lmadmin and three server redundancy
  219. lmgrd works, lmadmin doesn't
  220. Compile errors while javac -classpath flexlm.jar:EccpressoAll.jar demoInfo.java
  221. Flexlm.jar runtime error
  222. How to confirm if flxActCommonLibraryCleanup() method worked?
  223. Heartbeat checking when server is down
  224. determine client process id that checked out a license
  225. 11.8 and Visual Studio 2003?
  226. lmhostid.exe for composite
  227. lmadmin not prints TIMESTAMP
  228. Where to find the descriptions on daemon exit signals
  229. PACKAGE keyword not working
  230. crash in lc_heartbeat
  231. Detecting expired license in Trusted Storage
  232. Cannot find ID Generator class
  233. Error Codes
  234. lmgrd: EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 69
  235. LicenseSource.createLicenseSource takes more time for huge license file
  236. Forgot password to Publisher Site
  237. Linking errors in Windows
  238. Compile lmgr11.dll as 64bit
  239. FlexNet Publisher and Aircards
  240. Deleting product version
  241. lmadmin vendor Port
  242. Problems building serveractutil.exe
  243. IPv4 vs IPv6
  244. Problem with "lmstat -a" - no feature output...
  245. Protect code from reversing
  246. undefined symbol: l_pubkey_verify
  247. Random crashes in client
  248. signed INCREMENT lines for W1_CreateActivationResponseParameter.xml
  249. No understand the Trusted Storage
  250. Spaces in user names