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  21. SqlCe20 not comptible with OS
  22. Wrong localized "Program Files Folder"
  23. Install File in Windows- Directory
  24. Thanks found it bymyself
  25. integriry
  26. Creating a new installer from an existing installer
  27. Confused - CE Install
  28. Cabs directories missing
  29. STANDARDSDK platform missing, and MIPS issue
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  32. Creating shortcut
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  35. want to install to storage card, but don't know what it's called
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  46. Compact Framework SP2
  47. for WinCE object, how do I set paths using env vars?
  48. how to deploy?
  49. how to build a Printer installer
  50. ce binary registry entries - help needed
  51. Today Screen Item
  52. MSDE M.M. - change ProgramDir, DataDir
  53. Problem with Setup Types
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