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Thread: error 25000

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    Kornel Bernath Guest

    Angry error 25000

    I created an install disk with express 3.53 of a program written in vb6, access97 and crystal report 7.

    when I tried to install the program into my win98 computer I get this error:

    Internal error 25000, Application installation can not continue. Required component, MDAC 2.52, required internet explorer version later than 4.01 sp2

    What does this mean?



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    jsheets Guest

    Cool Error 25000

    Your install is trying to install components to you destination computer that require mdac2.5 and ie4.01sp2. You can resolve this by adding the mdac2.5mm(which I do not recommend). Or you can download mdac2.5 from microsoft's mdac web site MDAC Homepage . Then you can launch a custom action to call the mdac exe and install the compenents needed for you install to work. I recommend running this custom exe before you start copying the files for you vb exe to the target machine. Also, the mdac install may prompt you for a reeboot. Installshield should pick-up where you left off when the pc boots back up.
    It sounds like your target machine does not have ie4.01 installed, you will have to download a newer version of ie from microsoft before you install mdac2.5. At least 4.01sp2. IE Downloads . Let me know if this helps.

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