I am using a resources shell object to create a shortcut on the user's
desktop. I use script variables to set the Target and Icon File. The
shortcut is created successfully, however, the shortcut created does not
display the icon properly, it appears with the "default" picture. Viewing
the properties of the shortcut shows me that the Target and Icon file are
set properly. If I select "Change Icon..." from the shortcut properties, I
see that the appropriate .ico file is referenced, and the picture I want to
use is available. All I have to do is view the "Change Icon..." window and
click OK and the icon is displayed properly on the shortcut. I don't even
have to select the picture itself by clicking on it.

Am I missing something? I have left the Icon Index empty and set it to 0,
but neither appears to work. Any help in making the correct icon appear on
the shortcut without manual intervention is much appreciated.

Steve Coombes
Release Engineer