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Thread: How to stop and uninstall services during uninstall

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    How to stop and uninstall services during uninstall

    Hi !

    I want to stop and delete my service during my program uninstall.

    In Organization > Component, I've add 2 events.
    One event with Install Start & Install Stop = Yes. (others = No)
    One event with Uninstall Stop & Uninstall Delete = Yes (Others = No)

    My service is starting during the install, but during the uninstall, it's not stopping and not uninstalling.

    I don't know why.

    How to uninstall my service ?

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    "Uninstall" refers to uninstall of the component not uninstall of the product. For example, the service could belong to a component that belongs to a feature. During a maintenance operation you could select the feature for removal which would remove the component and service even though you aren't removing the product.

    Now, the devil in that is there are scenarios where MSI doesn't remove a component therefore the service wouldn't be stopped or deleted. Examples include components marked as Permenant or scenarios where you've violated the component rules and or reference counting of the component.

    You have to log the install and examine the entries that indicate the requests / actions being performed on the component to know if that is the problem.
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