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Thread: single exe not working?

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    Unhappy single exe not working?

    i just made 2 new projects, one was an installscript the other a basic msi. i went through the project assistant for both and selected to build a single exe. in the basic msi project it worked, but in the installscript one it created separate setup.exe, cab files, and other files in the diskimages/disk1 directory. what could i have done to make the installscript one not work? i only manually modified one script step to install a service, i did have to add a bunch of files after the initial pass through the project assistant, but have gone back through the build process and made sure the single exe was still selected and it seems to be ok.

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    Have you gone through the Release Wizard to make sure the settings in there are correct for building a single .exe? The Release Wizard is located under the Build menu.

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