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Thread: Installing using MSI + INI file

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    Unhappy Installing using MSI + INI file

    I have created an msi installer using installscript..
    I want to give some input during installtion time, which will be read from an INI file that can be configured before installtion..
    Now problem is that

    1. I can not package the INI file in MSI pakage because i need it outside to modify..
    2. I need to install it from network using Group Policy So i can not able to get
    the path of the INI file as it is on network in same folder with MSi file..
    but during installation MSi file is copyied to some temp folder and INI file need to bring there or i need the path of MSI file at network so that i can read the INI file..

    Can anybody help me to get the path of MSi file on network point

    Suppose i have placed both files in

    now my abc.msi need xyz.ini during installtion how can i get the path
    "\\Server1\Pakage\" and read INI file from here..

    Thats the actual problem how to resolve the can i get the given path....because it is a domain installation and it happens on starting of any machine on domain.....

    Actually i am reading the file throught install script and the use the information during installtion ....But when we install it through Actice Directory then i am not able to get the path of the ini file
    and there i got struck....

    Thanks in Advance

    Darshan Yadav

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    i have had almost the same problem!

    To find the source dir , you should use the Action called "ResolveSource" in your msi script, and then the property called "SOURCEDIR" will be filled with your path.

    i have created a script who can read a ini file located in the same dir as the MSI.

    and posted the solution on my blog.

    maybe it can help you

    Best Regards

    Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen


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