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Thread: Do i have to write manifest file for .msi installer?

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    Question Do i have to write manifest file for .msi installer?


    My application has updater that is being installed as nt service. Didn't test it on Vista yet, but do I have to write a manifest file for setup.msi file so it would be able to install services? Or setting that it must have administrator rights in installer options is enough?

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    With the default project settings, an installer will have administrative privileges during the execute sequence; standard actions will run with full system access. If you are writing your own custom actions to modify the system, ensure you are setting them as Deferred in System Context so they will also receive administrative privileges. Manifests can change when an MSI elevates on Vista, but unless you select that it does not need administrative privileges (General Information - Summary Information Stream), it will still elevate eventually (on Vista).
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