In the FLEXNet Connect 6.1 Deployment Guide, appendix A talks about deploying a self update to the agent. In particular it says:

"With each release of FLEXnet Connect, Macrovision distributes a self-update file."

The guide then goes on to describe how to add a product code to your update server for the agent itself ({AAA52512-DE61-4175-8DC2-56502BFFFD81}) and create a message to update agents in the field to the latest version. The key here is that it's done without updating the software package or packages with which the agent was originally installed.

My question is, where can I get the self-update file? This section has been in the deployment guide since v4.5 at least, but nobody seems to know where to get the self-update. Does Macrovision actually create this self update file, or is the manual just incorrect?