I was curious if you could install one patch ontop of another. I have a program installed, just a standalone program where files arehat is in several directories, nothing fancy. i created a patch "p1" that replaces some of these files with newly updated ones, that is no problem. now, the question I have is i want to create a new patch that replaces some of the previously patched files with even newer up to date ones. is this possible?

so main install file = Version1, patch 1 = Version2, and i want, patch2 to make it version 3, is this possible?

i haven't found a deffinitive answer while searching the forums and i don't know what criteria to search for to narrow down my search, so i appoligize ahead of time if this is a repost.

when i attempt to browse for a .exe or .msi to patch, i get an error saying that "it was unable to locate the original setuppackage. quickpatch views will not function properly until its reference is restored" or in the baseimage directory the .msi that contains the outdated information.