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Thread: Convert MSP to an MSI file?

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    Convert MSP to an MSI file?

    Is it possible to take an MSP file and "convert" it so that it runs as an MSI file?

    Long story short:

    MSP file requires a reboot, but it will NOT reboot the pc.

    I can install the MSIEXEC v3.0 and run the MSP file, but nothing will reboot the pc. The /forcerestart just won't do it.

    If I can convert it into an MSI File I can then run it with Novell's ZENworks and have ZEN do the reboot for me.

    Unfortunately making a setup.exe doesn't work because ZENworks doesn't detect the "end" of the setup.exe/install process correctly and reboots prematurely.

    There is a pre-provided setup.exe with this msp patch, so if I can customize THAT to do the reboot, that's an option as well.

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    If you have the base msi you can can run a command line to apply the patch to the msi and create the equivalent upgraded msi think it is is /a then /p 9ie patching an admin image) but it will be in the help somewhere...

    Otherwise can't you set the REBOOT property when you are installing the patch. I think that might work...possibly...maybe

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