I am creating Installers using InstallShildX.

Now I am making an installer for a "virtual" device driver, but the driver which
should be in our target system is not authorized by Microsoft.

I understand that the device driver wizard of InstallShieldX can not have
the driver which is not authorizaed. Therefore I am trying to set the
driver installed by InstallScript or a Custom action.

My question is what script or action should I put to succeed in installation
of the driver.

I put the script: "LaunchAppAndWait ("Rundll32.exe",
"setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132
"+SRCDIR^"\\program.inf", WAIT);" using <SystemFolder>\rundll32.exe in order
to launch .inf file, but an error message saying "can not install it" came
up during installation.

To give parameter and referrer to rundll32.exe is not correct?

Also, I do not know when I should do this action. I did it after

The target OS for this driver is Win2000 and XP.

Please give me the solution.

Thank you very much.