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Thread: Change the setup EXE name?

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    Adambmg Guest

    Change the setup EXE name?

    Can I set something in my project so that the installation file is not named setup.exe? I know I can change the name after it is build, but it would be nice to control the name of the file.

    Also, I am trying to use the property SETUPEXEDIR in a project, but it doesnt seem to be recognized anywhere I use it. Do I need to specify that the value should be set someplace, and if so where? If I change the name of the setup.exe will this property still function?

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    There's no official way to specify the name of the setup launcher; you can vote for it as a feature request at

    I think SETUPEXEDIR stores the directory that setup.exe is in, but not the file name; so (though I haven't tried it) renaming setup.exe shouldn't have any effect on SETUPEXEDIR...

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    Not to beat anybody but what purpose a feature like that would have?

    My current customer already has all sorts of problems with 3rd party vendors who do all sorts of things that don't buy anybody anything... Let's just add another one we have to work around when we have to distribute on a corporate environment...

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    Adambmg Guest
    So how do I actually use the SETUPEXEDIR property? I need to create a shortcut from where ever on the network the setup.exe exists, to the start menu of the client computer. When I try to use[SETUPEXEDIR] Installshield does not expand it to the path, it just leaves it as the word [SETUPEXEDIR] like it was never defined. Can I use [SETUPEXEDIR] in the same places that I would use [SystemFolder] or any of the other pre-defined folders?

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    I agree with LewisQ. I hate the fact that Microsoft (and others) change the name of setup.exe for some products. It makes it harder for both IT and the consumer to keep track of the plethora of products that must be used.

    We don't want every product to have its own rules for installation. That's the whole purpose behind the Windows Installer and InstallShield as well - a consistent installation experience.

    The only legitimate reason for changing the name of setup.exe is if the program can NOT be directly launched by the user without issues.

    This is not a flame. Just an opinion from someone who's been doing this for too long.

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