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Thread: how to install multiple instances of the same app

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    octimax Guest

    how to install multiple instances of the same app

    we have enabled the custom setup-types on our InstallShieldExpress3.53 installer. The customers can specify the location for where the app is to be installed. However, the installer will only run one time on a computer.

    How can we modify the installer to allow the customers to run the installer multiple times, each time specifying a different install directory, on the same computer?

    The goal is to have up to three instances of our app installed.

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    I'm afraid this is not possible with InstallShield Express. This is because the Windows Installer does not support side-by-side installs (multiple installs of the same project). This means it's not possible using InstallShield Developer either.
    Chandima Rajakaruna
    Macrovision Corporation

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