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Thread: Tab Index & Default Selection

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    AgRichard Guest

    Unhappy Tab Index & Default Selection

    Having trouble with some Custom Dialogs I created...

    Using IS Dev7.03..

    Prob 1.
    Some of the Custom Dialogs will not respond to "Default" button selection. 3 buttons, Back; Next; Cancel. Set "Defaut" = True for Next and False for others... Yet Dialog Always Defaults to Cancel...
    Any ideas????

    Prob 2.
    Tab Index
    Can't get correct flow of "Tab Index" on some Dialogs, set the values incrementing, yet some buttons/fileds are missed or the order is mixed up...
    Any idea??

    Any or All help is much appreciated..... Cheers

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    Arianna Guest
    If you are using a Basic MSI project, try a look at the following:

    Dialog Table (Direct Editor):
    Control_First, Control_Default, and Control_Cancel records for your Dialog. If these columns do not contain what you want to see in your dialog, then change it. This should fix any "Default" problems.

    Control Table (Direct Editor):
    Control_Next for each control in your Dialog. Follow through the loop to make sure that there is a complete circle. This is your tab order. Sometimes, when you copy controls from one dialog to the next, this tab order can get mixed up. (Even though everything looks fine from the Dialog Editor window.)

    If you have any questions regarding individual records or tables, please refer to the MSI help file. It is quite extensive, and I use it often to get answers. Hope this helps.

    P.S. I am not quite sure how your issue is handled from a Standard Install, it has been a while since I have looked at a project in that area.

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    On a related issue,

    I'm using Developer 7.04, standard project (though sp3 was the same). If you edit the tab order for a dialog box, then save the project, sometimes just switching away then back to the dialog view will forget the tab order you put in. Or exiting then reloading it does the same. From what you say, the control_next stuff controls this, and looks like the tab index doesn't affect this when you set it. Although I thought I'd had it remember stuff for other custom dialogs. You should set this as a read-only field if it doesn't take a blind bit of notice of it.... But we would like a way to set the tab order without having to go to the Direct Editor.

    The reason I want to edit the order is for a welcome dialog using id's 50/51/52 for text on the transparent white background. I've read in other posts that the tab order affects the order they're drawn in too, which affects whether it displays or not (obviously, drawing the white background on top of text is going to make the text invisible). Can I also get rid of the installshield logo on the left of the line across the bottom just for that dialog (without editing resources), I'm trying to hide it with our graphic at the moment.

    Oh yes, and how do you fix the warning (I've heard that it doesn't break anything) when it builds about duplicate control id's? I'd just like to clean it up a bit.
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    AgRichard Guest
    Thanks for the reply,

    I can help you with the ID's, I hasd the same issue, I am using about 6 custom Dialogs in my installer....

    1. You must give them a different Label.
    2. I also gaev them a diff ID(but you don't need to)

    Custom 1
    #define BACK_BUTTON 12
    #define NEXT_BUTTON 1
    #define CANCEL_BUTTON 9

    Custom 2
    #define BACK_BUTTON2 12
    #define NEXT_BUTTON2 1
    #define CANCEL_BUTTON2 9

    Above is just the header, you will need to change any ref, in the .rul file aswell...


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