View Full Version : SourceSafe: multiple databases problem

06-04-2002, 03:48 AM

i'm using isdev 7.03 and Visual Sourcesafe. Because we keep a separate database for the setups, but there is is slight problem: isdev7 does not support multiple databases very well. There is no way to select another database if the default is incorrect. A workaround is to start SS and then open the correct database and mark (load this database next time). The strange thing is that ISDEV ignores this setting. The new database is loaded only if ISDEV is closed and then opened again. So I would propose two changes to ISDEV 7:

1. An option to select an default ISDEV- database
2. Not to have restart ISDEV to switch the database.

I see many posts about files not auto-added to SS. Is this being solved, or will there be a way to add a list of custom files to be added to SourceSafe?