View Full Version : DCOM Identity errors when using "Run As..." feature of WinXP Pro

Jeff Morgan
04-19-2002, 01:49 PM
I am logged in as a non-admin user. I right click on setup.exe and select "Run As..." from the menu and log in using my admin name and password.

Below a partial log I received.

Action start 15:17:32: ISStartup.
MSI (c) (88:DC): Creating MSIHANDLE (2) of type 790542 for thread 1500
1: The InstallScript engine version currently installed on this machine is adequate.
1: Event 'E1734509' is created
1: GetInstallDriver, Can not find InstallDriver in ROT table, Return Code = 0x800401e3
1: {90A4C9F8-E561-4D7C-ACB2-8FA40AE66F1E}
1: ISMsiServerStartup Failure, Failed to create InstallDriver, Error = 0x80070005
1: MsiServerStartup failed. Abort installation.
Action ended 15:17:35: ISMsiServerStartup. Return value 1603.
Action ended 15:17:35: ISStartup. Return value 3.

Looking through previous posts, I learned that this was due to some DCOM settings.

I checked on my machine and the "InstallShield InstallDriver" Identity is set to "the interactive user" instead of "the launching user".

In order to try to fix this I installed ISScript.msi while logged in as admin and set up all of the appropriate DCOM settings. I then logged out and logged back in as a non-admin and retried the steps above.

What I noticed is that before running setup.exe using "Run As..." the DCOM settings were set to "the launching user" and immediately after I got the failure above, the settings were back to "the interactive user".

I can only assume that when ISScrtipt starts up it resets the DCOM settings for "InstallShield InstallDriver" back to its default.

Has anyone else had this happen?:confused:

I must also say that all other install paths have no problems whatsoever with DCOM. Its only when I am logged in as a non-admin, and use the "Run As..." feature on WinXP Pro.


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