View Full Version : Create directory with subdirectories at a user-selectable location

04-18-2002, 08:34 AM
I managed to set the location of user-selectable directories to a certain point by now (see older posting). One problem still occurs:

I am trying to copy different parts of my software to different directories.
E.g. program files, configuration files and tools to:
c:\program files\myprogram (being my INSTALLDIR)
c:\configfiles (given by CONFIGDIR)
c:\program files\tools (given by TOOLSDIR)

The locations can be selected during setup by use of SdAskDestPath-Dialogs. The result of the dialog is set to my directories by using e.g.
SetFeatureTarget(MEDIA, "<CONFIGDIR>", szConfigDir);

This is working for a part of my setup.
But the Tools include some subdirectories,
which do not get copied to the proper location.
It should be like this:
TOOLSDIR = c:\program files\tools

c:\program files\tools\tools.exe
c:\program files\tools\images\title.bmp

But instead the subdirectories are placed
in the following way:

c:\program files\tools\tools.exe

The same is working fine for the configuration.

What might I be doing wrong??