View Full Version : Localize Panel: Get User Input - Advanced

Thomas N.
09-20-2010, 09:08 AM

we've problems localizing our "Get User Input - Advanced Panels".

Generally we are able to localize Strings for included Components like Texfields, Labels, Choice Groups.

But as soon as a Component is a child of another Component localization isn't working any more.

Our problems:

The Label-Strings of these Components are not generated in the localization-files automatically.
If we manually add those Label-Strings (using the id and componenttype from the project file) these Strings aren't used neither by the installer.

We can reproduce this issue for all our "Get User Input - Advanced Panels". It seems to be a general problem of Installanywhere using deeper components-hierarchies than 1 !

Was anyone of you able to solve this obvious issue of InstallAnywhere 2010?

Best Regards,
Thomas N.