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01-10-2006, 11:05 AM
I have a problem with the "Disk Space Required" number in SdFeatureDialog2.

At installation time we have 43MB worth of files that we expand and use in the dialog phase of the installation. They are invoked by LaunchAppAndWait(). After the Installshield files have been deployed, the script copies these files into the installation directory. The user might then use these files. Because we use them at installation time they are not registered as IS Features.

The problem we have is that SdFeatureDialog2 doesn't know about this 43MB worth of files. Therefore, when all the Features are selected, SdFeatureDialog2 declares that the amount of disk space required is 13MB when, in fact, 56MB are required.

The architectural solution to this would be to define these 43MB of files as an IS Feature. However, we'd then need two copies of all the files because we need to use them at installation time. This would almost double the size of our installation image.

I am using a registered installation of Installshield 11.5 Premier Edition. I have imported the project I am working on from Installshield DevStudio 9.0 SP1. The IS project dates back to 1997, uses InstallScript and does not use Microsoft Installer.

I've seen references to the "Add Required Bytes" action but, as far as I can make out, this only applies to IS Multiplatform (or maybe MSI) projects.

Does anyone know how I can change the Total Disk Space Required number reported by SdFeatureDialog2()?

Many thanks in advance,


01-10-2006, 11:46 AM
Take a look at the function FeatureAddItem. You'll need a script-defined feature set to accomplish it. The other suggestion is if you are running from a CD is to keep the files in a feature/component and then use the release setting to have it expanded on the CD so they are available at install time.


01-10-2006, 01:53 PM
Thank you for this suggestion. I can see that it would work very well if the 43MB of files were part of an optional component.

However, these 43MB of files are required whatever components the user installs. Ideally what I need is some way to fool IS into thinking that the "Base Files" feature (which is always installed and not given as an option in my SdFeatureDialog2 window) is a lot bigger than it really is.

Alternatively, is there some way of greying out an entry in an SdFeatureDialog window so I could use FeatureAddItem but force the user to install the feature with the 43MB of files in it?