View Full Version : Strange keys into file registry - automatic Windows installer repairing action

07-02-2003, 08:09 AM
We have used InstallShield since many months.
Our Installations write into Windows Registry a lot of data (components and other keys) .

Many registry keys values contain file or folder paths.

During our tests, we need to overwrite some executable files ( these files were installed by an InstallShiled Installation procedure). On Win2000 or WinXp a Windows Installer service start to repair installation when we run these overwritten executable files.
We have seen in Application Event (Settings - Control Panel- administrative Tools - Component Services - Event Viewer - Application) many MSiInstaller Warning and each of them
reports GUID of component that has a problem.
Searching on Registry file (regedit) we found these GUID. The related GUID values have path value like "c?\...". Many times replacing char "?" with ":" permit to override Windows Installer repairing.

Why this “?” syntax? And why sometimes replacing "?" with ":" solve the problem ?

Moreover we have developed a Internet custom update procedure.
This procedure change some of the files of the original first CD Installation.
Is possible that our customer (user of Win 2000 Win XP), updating their installation with our custom update procedure , will meet Windows Installer Repairing when they launch programs?
Is there a workaround for this Automatic Repairing (without disabling Windows Installer service) ?

Have anyone found similar behaviour ???

Thanks in advance,